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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A couple of interesting signs in town.

Thursday already. Our days have been full of deciding, wondering, making up our minds and then changing them and packing. Sunday we are having an open house. The realty company has 12 homes in Brown County so they are having a blitz of open houses. And, of course, Sunday it is supposed to rain! Yesterday was gray and cold, today the sun is out and it is supposed to get to 83. I just hope the rain holds off until late in the day Sunday. We went out for a while - just some pretty country here in the county.

We have packed boxes stacked in the garage and the furnace room.
The garage - our son Randy made the book case when he was in middle school. When they still taught wood shop. So it will travel with us again. 
The furnace room is mostly hobby stuff. We’ve packed up so much that the house is starting to look bare and unfriendly. So we’ve been moving knick knacks [that we won't be taking with us] around to give a more lived in look. After Sunday a lot of what is still out will be boxed. I am having a really hard time about all my hardcover collection of books. I love them. But will not have a place for them in Vegas so I know they have to go. Also they are heavier then heck to ship.
We’re also having a time deciding on the living room furniture. Should we take it or sell it. ? …
While out we went to the market here in our little town. Got a kick out of the eggs for sale. Chicks from the Sticks. 
We used to get some eggs from our neighbor across the street down in the holler - but during the winter a big eagle got all his chickens. 
And then past McDonalds - WOW the price of egg McGriddles has really gone up - 2 for 350!
One of the pretty buildings in the town. Days like this we hate to have to leave it.
And we went by the craft beer brewery - I see they’ve added something to the outside of it. Looks like a grain container. Will have to check and see if they are giving tours yet. They just moved into the building over the winter. 
We also visited the craft whiskey distillery here in town. Will write about it tomorrow. 
Now I have to do some vacuuming and packing way downstairs. 

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  1. Looking forward to the craft brewery tour! It is so hard to part with stuff isn't it! We've downloaded a lot over the years - I find that after a while you don't miss it anymore. Of course we have kept the sentimental things and are glad we did.