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Saturday, June 27, 2015

My car is taking a trip without me.

An unusual day today - the sun has been out most of the day and the temperatures are down into the low 80s. There is a nice breeze out but unfortunately the breeze stirs up all the pollen and mold in the air and Bill had a very uncomfortable day.
Things are really moving along here. My car is on a carrier on its way to Vegas via California! It has to take a detour because it has to be delivered to Vegas on a weekday when our son is at work as it has to be delivered to his office. Carrier can’t make it into his neighborhood and our son usually spends the weekend out of town. Luckily the truck driver lives in Vegas so he didn’t mind dropping another car off in CA first. It got picked up last night. In the rain and the fog and in the little town just north of us as the carrier couldn’t make it up to our house with cars on the top of it. Too many low hanging trees. And of course when they finally got here, from Michigan driving all day in the rain storm, it was just at the end of the soccer game we were watching. Well not at the end but just before the penalty kicks that would determine the winner of the game. So missed the kicks. But Argentina did win. As did the US Women. Good for both of them.

Tomorrow we move into the Alfa. Did laundry today and will pack up my computer etc. tomorrow morning. Get to use the laptop from now on. And Monday the movers come to pick up our stuff that is going with us. [And it is supposed to RAIN Monday, of course.] It will stay in storage until we get our new home ready for it. 

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