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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting closer and closer to leaving.

The boxes keep piling up and the house looks emptier and emptier. 
Today I've been going through my clothes - getting rid of stuff I'll never wear again. Was there a reason to save the pants three sizes too small? Or the really dressy dress I wore to one sons's wedding. [He is a grandfather twice over now.] And why do I save things with big stains on them? Out darn spot! along with the whole shirt its on. 
Also starting to go through the Christmas closet. That will take a couple of days. So far more has been to save than to sell. 
Been getting quotes on having my car shipped back to Vegas. I don't think we've put 2000 miles on it the seven years we've been here. Probably even less than that. But in Vegas I will drive it. I hate driving here in the hills on the narrow roads. Only time I drove it was when Bill was in the hospital. 
Had rain a couple days and nights. And heavy fog this morning so now it is pretty humid again. With higher temperatures and more humidity for the next few days. Really bothers Bill. Yesterday was a bad day for him - He says he has to keep busy but then his breathing gets worse and worse. Sure not a fun way to live. 
I started this a day or so ago and didn't finish - so will do so now.
Bill got the electrical problem in the Alfa fixed so now we can move into it when we get to that point. And we've made a date for transporting my car back to Nevada. Our son will receive it and store it for us. It leaves here within the week. 
Also made a date to meet with the Estate Sale person again to set up the date etc. for that. And have contacted a moving company. 
So things are moving right along. 
Because of the high temperatures and high humidity let along the pollen count Bill has had a few really bad days. He tries to keep doing things but eventually he has to give up. I've even been bothered the last couple of days. Find myself all of a sudden out of breath and energy. Except for the food and a few things we'll be using and/or putting in the Alfa the kitchen is empty except for the things we are getting rid of: a huge slicer, an electric meat grinder [what ever prompted that purchase], an espresso machine etc. etc. 
Have not used any of them while living here. 
I'm still packing up my hobbies and going through the last of my clothes. And have even almost finished the Christmas stuff. Little by little. Now if only a good fairy would unpack and put everything away in Vegas. Dream on. 
Time to get busy again.

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  1. If you can use the deduction on your taxes, consider giving the meat grinder and slicer to a charity kitchen or a church for their kitchen. Ditto the expresso machine. I'm sure they have a high value, and will be appreciated.