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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Living in the Alfa in Brown County

Movers finally finished at 9:30. Just before they moved their truck from the front of the house to the garage the heavens opened up. Heavy, heavy rain and some small hail. Poured for about ½ hour then just drizzled until they finished. They really earned their money this trip. We will keep everything in storage until time to bring it to the house in Vegas.
They did an excellent job of wrapping stuff up – even our rolling chairs…
And the curio cabinet – didn’t charge extra for it either.
The garage before

And after.
what's left goes to sale
When they left we grabbed most of the stuff out of the refrigerator, threw it in the car and headed to the Alfa. Oh boy, the Alfa was sitting in the middle of a huge puddle. Bill pulled right up to the steps – I went inside and he stood in the water and handed me all the bags. By 10:15 we had most of the stuff we’ve brought over put away. It is now 11 o’clock and Bill is eating a sandwich and I’m not at all hungry.
[Now it is today.] Last night, or I should say, this morning I stayed up till 2:00 to watch a TV program. Am I nuts or not? I enjoyed every minute of it though. It was NACAR Race Hub and it was mostly about Kyle Busch and his win Sunday in Sonoma. Just 16 weeks after he broke his leg and foot. So I slept in this morning till 10 o’clock.
When I got up we went out for breakfast and then to the house to do a little cleaning and to meet the Estate Sale person so he could take his photos. Now we’re back at the RV with the AC on and Bill is enjoying yesterday’s soccer game and I’m playing around with Word 2013 – grrr…And it is NOT raining – but there is wind and the sky is getting gray.
In two days we will have been home for two months. Seems like we just moved out of the Alfa and now we’re back in it for who knows how long. The furniture being moved can be in storage for at least two months – paid for.  
Since we’ve been home we’ve:
1. listed the house for sale
2. arranged for an Estate Sale
3. packed up and had movers pick up everything else
4. bought new laptop with Windows 8 and office 2013 – big learning curve here
5. watched NASCAR, watched Copa America soccer games and FIFA Women’s games.
6. moved back into RV

No wonder we are tired and don’t want to do anything more today. I wonder how many things that we are getting rid of we’ll miss in the future. Or what is at movers we will wish we kept out. 
The ground is so wet from all the rain the levelers for the Alfa just sank deep into the ground. No leveling there. Have put wood under them but the wood is sinking too. 

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  1. My goodness you did a lot yesterday but at least it is behind you now. You have accomplished a whole lot in a few months. Reminds of the time a few years when we got home, unloaded the RV and the next day ( while stuff was laying everywhere ) a fellow pulls up and wants to buy our home. We had to be out in 5 weeks and hadn't even designed to new house yet. We lived in the RV for 18 months and I was exhausted the entire time.