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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Did I mention that it rains here?

It has finally stopped raining for a few minutes. It sounds like it is still raining, but that is just the water dripping/pouring off the trees in the forest. As you can see the pond water is still.
The pond has been overflowing down the hill. According to our neighbor who has a rain gauge it has rained EIGHT inches in the last six days. No kidding! Here is what it was like yesterday evening - we are at the black X. Lots of flood warnings around here.
And tonight the remnants of TS Bill will go through here. Hopefully today we can make a run into town between downpours and go to the store. It also makes Bill - the person not the storm - feel better to get out of the house for a while. Our weather forecast is for rain every day for the next seven days. With temperatures of 90°. Glad most of our packing is done. Just hope we have a dry day or two at the end of the week so we can load the Alfa.
I see the weather in Vegas has been HOT - 111° - but dry. I think I prefer the 111° to our 90° + 90% humidity. (Does anyone know where the little degree symbol is located - never mind I found it.)
I still continue to have good and bad moments about the move. Here is our living room - everything in it will go to the sale [except for the rug rolled up on the left.] 
The only furniture we’re taking with us is our bedroom set which we bought over 50 years ago and a high chair that was bought for my oldest son - it is 56 ½ years old. And my big beading table. And one of the sets of outdoor furniture. So we’ll have a place to sleep, sit, and eat until we get new furniture. Daunting task. We have completely different tastes. We're already having a discussion about flooring. I hate carpet - prefer wood or laminate with smaller rugs. The home we are getting has laminate. He hates wood, laminate and tile - wants carpet everywhere. Says without carpet it is noisy and cold. COLD? in Vegas...[but he is maybe going to luck out because the laminate in the house is dark and I don't like the dark.] But it sure would be better for his allergies. 
Bill has taken to getting up about 4 - 4:30 - 5:00 in the morning. Don’t know if it is the breathing, my snoring, or anxiety. He says he just wakes up and gets up so he doesn’t disturb me. So right now he is back in bed - AND MISSING THE FACT THAT IT ISN’T RAINING.
Fixed a roast and potatoes for dinner last night as it was a little cooler and I need to use stuff up. Managed to get it done between Soccer games and NASCAR. Today more of both - at least it is something to do unless of course we lose our satellite signal because of RAIN!

Just checked - we got home May 2nd. No wonder we’re tired, we’ve got all this done in 50 days. I’m craving brownies but I think I let Bill pack all the cake pans - will have to go look. 


  1. You guys have done an amazing job in such a short period of time!! Can't believe the rain you are getting! We've had a dry week.

    1. We actually saw some blue sky today - for a few minutes

  2. You really have been putting some serious time into this but once you are committed you might as well. So where do you find that degree symbol, I can't find one on my puter!

  3. I use microsoft word and found it under insert> symbol> normal text.

    1. I see....we have an iMac and no microsoft so there you go.