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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blue Sky

Yes, we are actually having some blue sky and sunshine. The last few days it has only rained at night so that's been nice. If only the humidity would go down. But according to the weatherman by this afternoon it will be going down - how far? Who knows but every little bit counts.
Here was our first peek of blue sky in over a week.
And YES, we got very excited about it. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be dry and it will start raining again Thursday and Friday. Guess what days we have to load the Alfa...a hint...we have to take it to the RV park on Saturday. 
Took this movie of the road up to the house one cloudy day so it doesn't look as pretty a drive as it really is. But we will be leaving this forest to live in  the desert. Quite a change. 

Saw these bicyclists the other day. This is only one small group of them. Couldn't get a good look at them to see what they were bicycling for. All their shirts were red, white, and blue. At least it wasn't raining. 
Had to go to town to buy a thumb drive for the computer - yep, already packed the one we had. Was looking at a FitBit wondering if I should get one. Once we move I've really got to start loosing weight and getting some exercise. Both of us do. But I wonder if it is worth the investment - in other words will I really use it? Good question.

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