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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cool weather and painting.

Painting, painting, and painting and enjoying the cool weather. How can such a small room take so long to paint? I should have Bill take a picture of me after I’ve been painting - I have more paint on me than the room does. Probably ‘cause it involves crawling under and over shelving. I seem to always manage to put some part of my body on something I just painted.
The worse part is it doesn’t look much better as the shelves were built out of scrap wood that was all beat up to begin with and the ceiling is not finished - all kinds of pipes and wires hanging out.
after - didn't dare paint the wires
When I got up this a.m. I put on my painting clothes so that I would get to it. If we go anywhere or if I get on the computer - my motivation seems to just disappear too.
After I get all the painting done I’m going to start going through closets etc and getting rid of stuff. I’ve already done the kitchen - still waiting for the new cupboards...he was supposed to be here to measure over the weekend, but didn’t show up. Oh well - eventually they’ll be done. Country living you know.
Got a whole closet full of old, old, old computer stuff - must have 10 phone to computer lines and the old Ethernet lines. And all kinds of connections - maybe if I sort them out I’ll be able to find the one I need to an old external hard drive. Why do we save junk?  I have program disks that haven’t worked in years. Something for another day.
Remember that George Carlin skit about “stuff” expanding to fit the area you have. Sure seems to work that way with us. 
It was another one of our son’s birthdays yesterday - boy are they getting on up in years. Doesn’t seem possible. They range from 44 to 56 now.

Doing some stained glass work. Making a 3-D angel for a friend.
yellow is finished - blue one in progress. 
Also want to do a Saint Patrick’s Hat. Just fun stuff. I find if I keep busy I don’t snack so much - I really need to lose some pounds so that might be the way to do it. God forbid I get up and exercise! 
Now back to the book - correcting mistakes. Hard to believe I missed so many on the last read through!

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