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Monday, July 7, 2014

Upside down car - not us!

Well our nice weather lasted three days, now we're back to the humidity and heat. Heat to me anyway - Bill loves the warm days. But the humidity is already bothering him again.
Since we're not feeding the deer anymore we had the gardener mow the lot out back - so now it looks more like a lawn instead of a meadow. Kind of nice but probably not worth keeping up 'cause the weeds here grow like they're on steroids - so won't be long before it looks the same. This is just a pretty flower outside the restaurant down town. Love the color. 
Made more banana nut muffins yesterday morning. Should be enough for a few days. 
Then watched the race - the one that was supposed to be Saturday night but got rained out. The driver I like was doing fine - working his way to the front when there was a BIG wreck - this is how he ended up. Not one part of it that #18 isn't wrecked. Check out the front wheel.
Joked about it though - said he was "just hanging around waiting for the wrecker" It's amazing how the cars can be so banged up and the drivers just walk away. Of the 43 cars that started the race only 21 finished because of the two big wrecks - Daytona is such a crap shoot of a race.
Tomorrow and the next day are soccer games - the semi finals. Hope Argentina makes it through. The final game is next Sunday. Will be interesting to see what countries are the final two and who wins.
We took the big white truck to town this morning - it needed gasoline and a battery. I wish someone would buy it.
Going to do more work on the book - finish setting it up for ebook publishing. The formatting is driving me nuts - can only work on it in spurts - no patience with my mistakes. Also have to see about getting it an ID number...glad we have a friend who will help us with some of this. 

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