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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No Water in the Hills

Ah - another wonderful Fall night - oh, but wait - isn’t it still summer? Temps in the high 40s again this morning when we got up. And yesterday’s high was a low 70. No rain though and lower humidity.
Spent some time in the basement sewing area working on the quilt. Amazing how much better the embroidery goes when using the proper stabilizer. An of course after I bought some I found what I already had here. So now have four of the nine or twelve squares done.

As I was working down there, but in the glass room working on my angel I heard a dripping, clacking sound...unusual sound...went into the laundry room and the washing machine was going nuts. Making all kinds of noises - it was not being used - like it was trying to fill the tub. What the? Poked at it moved the dial - couldn’t shut it up. Then I realized there was the sound of water going through pipes over near the water heater too. No water was running any where in the house. Turned on the faucet in the laundry room sink - NO water. Oh! Oh! Called Bill down - he listened, looked and poked - couldn’t figure out what was going on. He finally decided we didn’t have any water coming into the house - that’s air in the lines. Oh Come On! Upstairs we went - he was right no water up there either. Now the question - was it the water company OR our problem. After about an hour I called the water company. At least their phone number was in the phone book, unlike the power company. Very nice lady on phone. “Where do you live?” I told her. “Oh, yes we have a main line break but we’re working on it. Once we fix it you’ll have to boil your water until Friday.” Thank you.
Crap usually we have cases of bottled water but of course, only about six bottles now. Thought about fixing dinner but decided with no water to up with we’d just go to McDonalds in our little town. By then it was about 7:00 and the few restaurants in town close around 6.
So we got to McDonalds and discovered they too had a water problem - surprisingly enough unrelated to our problem. They had a boil water problem too so the only drinks available were bottled water or juice or milk shakes.
When we got home the water was back on but it is now a kind of pale brownish color. And we didn't buy any water in town. Went to the market and the 24 case of water was $5.44. Rip off. They should be ashamed of themselves. 
You gotta love living in the country. Never know what will be going on.
Bill goes to the doc this afternoon for his shots (3) At least this time they've  worked a little longer - about 4 weeks. I should clarify that - they stopped the sneezing, eyes and nose running stuff but didn’t do much for the breathing in humidity thing.
Still no bites on the house - BUT today the cupboard guy said he’d be up here this afternoon - for sure! If that ever gets done the Realtor wants to do an open house.  
If we do sell we don’t have a clue where we want to live - most likely around the Nevada, AZ or So Cal area. But for a while we’ll hang out in the motorhome and move around. But first we’ll have to get rid of a LOT of stuff.

Back downstairs to make more cars. 


  1. The cars are adorable - you are so talented.
    (fellow Alfa owners)


    1. It is fun to use the embroidery machine - it does everything, I just watch and change thread colors. Hope you enjoy your Alfa as much as we do ours. Except when it is new tire time!

  2. "can't wait to see the 'roads' " in place.........

  3. Just getting caught up on your blog. Love the butterfly (or is it a moth?) on the flowers photo! Sounds like you have a lot going on. Wanted to tell you that I also suffer from bad allergies, but the two years I lived in San Diego, I never once sneezed the whole time I was there. As soon as I got back to MN, they started right up again with a vengence! So Bill might feel a whole lot better living down that way, not to mention the lack of humidity also. Hope you can sell the house soon! I'm sure someone will come along and fall in love with it!