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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rain, rain go away and take the humidity with you.

Saturday - Rain, rain, rain - slept late ‘cause I thought it was still middle of night - very dark out at 8:30 a.m. It is pour with lightening and thunder in Indianapolis where they are supposed to practice, qualify and race today. Good Luck.
Sunday - As you can see I started this yesterday and then didn’t finish it.
The weather cleared up in Indy and they did get in some practice and all the qualifying and the Nationwide race. Kyle came in 2nd (or as he calls it - The first loser.) Takes his racing seriously.
Most of the day was okay but extremely humid. Really, really affected Bill - he has so much trouble breathing when it is humid - it just saps all his energy. Most of the day he spent laying down reading...not good. We need to get out of here I guess. But the weather in the rest of the US doesn’t look too good either.
Did have some sun shine though and I saw this guy out on the marigolds. He was very nice and posed for me.
Then I worked on the quilt some - still using the wrong stabilizer for the embroidery. It just gums up the needle and then the thread breaks! Pulling hair out. So need to go to the store, get right stabilizer, more embroidery needles and more background yardage. The kid will be a man before I get this done at this rate. This is kind of what it will look like. I have nine different vehicles to make into squares.
Woke up this a.m. to loud thunder and lightening. Shake the house kind. This whole area is under flash flood warnings. Glad we live up here on the hill. Lasted about a half hour then the sun tried to pop out so I came up here to write this...pop...the electricity went out accompanied by more thunder, rain and lightening. Geeze. Bill is not doing well today either. Humidity is 93 percent - do ya think, since it IS raining.
The TV is searching for satellite - so don’t know what’s going on in Indy whether they’ll be able to race or not. Even Verizon internet keeps popping in and out.
No cabinetmaker and no one else looking at the house. Life in Brown County. 
I see my SiteMeter has hit 100,010 visits - of course, about 80,000 of those are probably me...


  1. Can understand Bill's problems with the heat and humidity. Where can we go to escape?