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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quiet life here in Brown County

Cloudy and cool today - chance of showers later and for the next two days. Good baking weather - made some banana nut muffins. Smells so good.
Also fresh coffee using some of the coffee we got in Atacama Mexico a couple of winters ago (I keep it in the freezer until I want to use it)
Going to watch the rain delayed race later [at 11:00 if it isn't still raining in Daytona] and having company for lunch/supper - just fixing hamburgers no big deal.
Watched the soccer games the last couple of days - some good - some boring. Glad Argentina is moving to the next set. Who knows maybe they'll win this year.
Forgot to watch the fireworks from Indy - was watching the Nationwide debacle - race? These restrictor plate races are becoming a joke. And the qualifying is weird! No one can pass - not even with help for a couple other cars. Hope today's Cup race is better. Lots of good racers starting way in the back.
That darn raccoon is brazen - he was up on the porch in broad daylight standing on the rail hanging onto the bird feeder trying to get in it. Makes me mad that we can't keep feeding the birds and deer because of him. Life in the country!
Bill has the big truck up for sale - sure hope someone buys it - I don't like it. It is just too big.
The little truck was bartered for new kitchen cabinets. Our neighbor needed a four wheel drive truck and we wanted new cabinets and he is a magnificent wood worker. He brought up a sample door for us to check - love it. It is a lot like what we have now but without all the banged up pieces. Will take before and after when it is done.

Bill is feeling much better - I hope it's because of the shots and not just because we are having a couple of days without gosh awful humidity. We ran into one of the nurses from the doc's office yesterday at Wal*Mart and she could tell just by looking at him that he was feeling much better. 
After the race I might work on some stained glass - making an angel like this in a different color. Or a turkey sun-catcher. Or maybe not... 

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