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Monday, July 14, 2014

Soaring leaves

OMG - I can feel the little bit of painting I did yesterday. I should really have done more today but - Monday is paying bills and laundry day. Can’t change the routine [that is how you can tell you’re getting old - you have routines.] So that’s what I did first. But then we had to go down to our little town to go to the bank. Headed out, but first went for breakfast to a little cafe in Bean Blossom called Brownie’s. Good home cooking and mostly home town people there.
Then into town, while there we walked around a little bit. Did I mention that our little town [population 900] is a quaint and historic town. We have over 100 historic buildings in and around the town. This is one of them. The courthouse built in the late 1800s. We parked behind it.
The building itself has become a problem to the town as it needs to be updated - too small and no handicap access. Part of the town wants to remodel it and part of the town wants to build a new court house. So of course nothing is getting done.
Walking around it towards the front. Funny [and I don’t mean to be disrespectful] but I never thought of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ having conventions.
Also walked past the broom maker - glad to see he is still in business. I wrote about him last year I think.
And finally found the yarn shop I’d been looking for. I went in and said “Hi” to the girl there - she didn’t even look up. What is with that? Anyway wandered around some and looked at the yarns - nice selection.
But a little pricey for my pockets. I'm not that good of a knitter. 
I asked about the classes they give but the girl didn’t know anything about them, said she’d have the owner get in touch with me. Hummmm...
Then we went to the Visitor Center to get a good look at the new sculpture. Magnificent - especially up close. Some info about it. It is named “Soaring.”
Some info about it.
A couple more pictures of it. I love it and it is perfect for the town.

On the way back to the car we stopped in another shop. It used to be further out of town but moved in town during the winter.
Interesting place. Sells lots of “stuff” you can buy anywhere but is cute inside.
One thing that was beautiful was this table. Made out of one piece of maple wood. The table and four benches. Really nice.
Then headed for home. I did remember to ask Bill to stop so I could get a shot of this rusting old tractor. I just like the way it looks. Wouldn't it look great in our front yard?
Finished the laundry and worked on book again - implementing some of the suggestions and corrections our friend suggested. Seems strange there are no sports we need to watch today. But tonight at 10 the new season of Ice Road Truckers starts - I know! But I like to watch it anyway.

Tomorrow I return to painting. It should only be in the low 70s, perfect painting day.  

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