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Monday, July 21, 2014

Lots of news about Alfa and House and Cooking

 Lets see - where to begin...
With the sweet stuff first. I made some Cinnabons - well that is - I bought a kit and made the rolls. Wish they’d put the directions on the outside of the box instead of inside. The first direction was to use a large table mixer with the dough hook. Um - problem there. I no longer have a table mixer. Haven’t had one in years. And believe me the little hand mixer DID NOT work. So had to knead by hand. No big deal. To make them had to add 1 large egg, 1 cup buttermilk - oops - no buttermilk - so used regular milk [it was an option] and 1 ¼ sticks of unsalted butter. So of course, had to buy the butter too. Add stuff, mix, knead, roll out to 16 x 16 - couldn’t get it that big. Then roll it and cut into sections - 8 of them. Looking good.
Then let rise 1 hour then bake. Oops left in oven too long - got a little brown.
Then add the frosting. They smelled delicious and tasted good [except overcooked] Would I make them again? No - I will drive 30 miles to the Mall to buy them. The kit [box] is too expensive, too much trouble. And one goes a long way - and we had eight. Still have five left!
Weather is starting to warm and humidity up again. We had a little over a week of wonderful 70 degree weather, but supposed to get low 80s and dry weather back in another week. So for sure will paint bathroom then. I promise.
The woodworker came over on Saturday and pulled all the kitchen cupboard doors off. Filled and sanded the facing. Kitchen looks strange without doors.
I'm glad I straightened out the stuff inside a couple of weeks ago. 
 Don’t know when we’ll see him again...hopefully today or tomorrow.
Into town this morning to see about new tires for the Alfa. Bill was checking them out yesterday and noticed the sidewalls have lots of little wrinkles and cracks in them. The ones we have are six years old - only 25,000 miles on them, tread is like new - but sitting in the sun in storage really wasn’t good for them. Oh well.
We have planters on the deck out of our bedroom and we usually put potted geraniums in them but didn’t buy any this year. Who cares? 
Well we put the house up for sale last weekend so the flowers make things look nicer. Anyway we went into Menards [home improvement store] and they had some sorry looking baskets of yellow marigolds for $2.00 each - we bought the 7 best looking. Brought them home, watered and fed them and they are beautiful now. Lots and lots of flowers and buds.  
About the house for sale. It is getting to be just too much to take care of - it isn’t fun anymore. Especially for Bill. The humidity and allergies are sapping his energy and being outside out of the AC really bothers him. So we’ll see what will happen. We are talking about getting rid of everything and living in the Alfa full-time for a while. And just traveling. Maybe have one of those “estate sale” places come in and get rid of everything in one mass sweep. Well see what happens. Personally - I don’t think the house will sell. It is kind of unique. But we did have a couple come by to look at it Saturday - with no doors on the cupboards in the kitchen!

So that’s my news for today. 


  1. My guess is your house will sell. I live outside of Bloomington on the west side and Brown Co. "retreat" homes are always attracting someone from the BIG city. Give it time it will sell.

  2. I'm sure it will sell! It looks perfect.