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Friday, July 11, 2014

Moths and Phones and Wonderful Weather

An absolute gorgeous day here in Brown County. Looking out towards Indianapolis.
Blue sky, puffy white clouds, slight breeze not too hot and lower humidity. Perfect. And we are getting another "Polar Vortex" next week - High temperatures will be in high 60s low 70s! Loving it. And for some strange reason, whether it is the combination of new antihistamine meds or just a change in his metabolism - Bill is no longer cold all the time. He even turns the fans and AC on now.
Just watched qualifying for the NASCAR race Sunday - Kyle #18 has the pole - now if he can just win the race. He was also pretty fast in the Nationwide practice.  And tonight is a truck race - two of his trucks are pretty fast. No soccer games until tomorrow afternoon and the final on Sunday. Busy TV sports weekend for us.
Saw this guy on the porch today. Isn't he pretty. About the size of my hand.
And a close up of his wing "eye." He looks like he has fur.
Mother Nature is amazing. 
Been going into town - the big town - every morning so haven't started painting yet. But have all the stuff gathered up and ready to go. And the weather will cooperate next week. I WILL get it done! One of those "cannot believe we did it" things. We went into Verizon to see if we could change our plan - lower the monthly price -  as we rarely use the cell phone if we're not traveling. And we came out with a new phone! Not just a new phone but it is a second phone with a different number. So now we have two cell phones that we can't figure out how to answer and a land line! But we can talk to the new phone and it will answer us! Another learning curve. I'm keeping the Old phone and Bill will play with the new one. 
For the 4th of July I dug out my red, white and blue place mats. Did the embroidery on the sewing machine. It is fun to do.
Probably will start on the embroidered cars for the quilt tomorrow - if I can remember how to set everything up to make the machine do it. 
Almost time for truck race - time to go back downstairs

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