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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Every day the train leaves faster

AT LAST a cool day - in fact three cool days in a row. The highs for the next couple of days will not reach 80! And the humidity is down - Almost Heaven! So I should paint shouldn't I…but don't want to. My get up and go got up and went. Speaking of things going - saw this on a Maxine cartoon. She says, "Now that I'm older I find that my train of thought leaves the station with out me a lot." Oh yes.
Only a few more soccer games to go. Mexico was robbed of a win by the referee giving the opposing team a penalty kick that was not a penalty. And the U.S. was just outclassed. But what a goal keeper the Tim Howard is. Wow! Argentina is still in the finals.
This weekends NASCAR is a Daytona - that is a crap shoot.
Went into our little town this morning and the sculpture has been unveiled - it is all - well almost all painted - guys are still working on it. Turned out nice. Entirely built by veterans. 

We had to go in 'cause Bill had to go to the doctor again - those damn allergies are really knocking him down. And with all the humidity he is having problems catching his breath - and it is just all weather caused. Today doc says the mold levels in the air are really high. So he should "stay inside, close all windows and doors and turn on AC" [then he'll be so cold maybe he'll forget about his runny eyes and sneezing etc.] and when ever he comes in from outside he needs to take a shower shower. Also gave him more shots and added to the allergy meds. Never had any idea allergies could be debilitating - took me a while to figure out how to spell that one. -
Had a spectacular sunset here a couple nights ago - just before a big storm. No clouds in the sky - it was just bright red. Picture doesn't do it justice.
Just finished a good chick book called "The Life List" by Lori Nelson Spielman. How different did your life turn out to be from when you were 14?
Did I post a picture of this when I made it? A necklace using one of the tiny little carved faces.
Yesterday picked up some material for my quilt to be and found all the embroidery patterns for it. And am already hunting through patterns for something to knit.

We for sure have another raccoon - I saw him on the back porch the other night. So guess we'll quit feeding the birds and deer and hope he moves away. 

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