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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roaming around Columbus, IN

Yippee! Finished the furnace room cleaning and painting this morning bright and early.  What a difference - the last before and after pictures - I promise.

The weather is still wonderful - cool and not horribly humid. Another couple days of coolness then back up into the 80s. So need to get the bathroom trim painted quickly.
This weekend we are supposed to get our new cupboard doors in the kitchen. So today I took everything off the walls and all the knick knacks down - When it is done I’ll clean everything and put them back up. Until then the kitchen looks so uninviting - unfriendly - amazing what a few pictures and some color does for a room.
Yesterday we went into Columbus to get a few things done - one thing being a new sign for Willie’s rear window - the old one we got in Mexico a couple of years ago was too faded to read. So here’s his new sign - colorful and bright.
Columbus is a pretty little town. Especially the downtown area. Mostly old buildings and a lot of flowers - a few of the streets are still brick.
One of the older buildings with the old type sign on a jewelry store.
And this sculpture - one of many in town - it is beautiful from the front but I only could get a back of it shot - we were on a one way street. It is a woman with the sleeves of her dress blowing in the wind.
While waiting for the sign to be made I was outside enjoying the weather and colors in the field next door. 

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