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Thursday, July 24, 2014

It was raining inside yesterday - too humid!

Nice day today after a miserable day yesterday. I swear it was so humid that water was dripping off the ceiling fans in the house. I really not kidding - it was terrible. A cold front came in last night and the humidity and temps dropped to livable again.
Yesterday morning, just before it rained, we took the Alfa into Columbus to get its new tires. Left it there overnight which turned out to be good planning on our part.  We had company yesterday - one of the women from the Women’s RV forum I belong to came by on her way further east. She has a Class C motorhome and a tow car so with Alfie gone there was plenty of room for her to park. Had a real nice visit and went out to dinner and took her for a quick tour of our little town. A picture of her taking a picture of the Bean Blossom covered bridge.
Then we drove around town a little. Another new sculpture downtown. This was a high school project. The kids went to a junk yard and were told to pick up pieces that could be fashioned into faces. I think they did a pretty good job. It is hard to get a good picture of though.

We’ve had one couple come through the house - but we're pretty sure they were “just looking”. Of course no cupboard doors in the kitchen kind of gives it a real rustic [or uncared for] look! No sign of the cabinetmaker for a few days. Hope we see him tomorrow.
Brought the Alfa with his new shoes home this a.m. Bill says these tires ride much softer. And that driving with the new windshield was really weird. He kept expecting the wind to hit his face.

Lots of racing this weekend - maybe I’ll sit down at the sewing machine and watch it. Get something constructive done. 
Fixed a good dinner tonight - Au Gratin potatoes, asparagus and chicken breasts smothered in a wine/lemon sauce with sauteed green pepper, onion, pimentos and artichokes. I ate too much!

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