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Friday, July 25, 2014

Need to engage brain when sewing!

It was beautiful this morning. The sun was shining through the windows letting me know they really need washing...yah right. The sky was bright blue and the temperature was a perfect 55 out on the porch. Supposed to be in low 80s today. And the dew point is low - so very little humidity. LOVE IT.
AND there is racing on most of the day - just practice but I enjoy that.
Going to go down stairs and do some embroidering and watch TV down there
I figured out how to make the sewing machine work and how to get the patterns from the laptop to the machine but then forgot to put stabilizer on the material before embroidering. So I ruined one small piece of fabric already.  - Got one complete car square embroidered and a lot of the material cut into strips ready for sewing. Screwed up one more embroidered car square - I put the stabilizer on but forgot to pull the backing off the ironed on stabilizer and got the needle all gummed up. Good grief where is my mind? I’ll probably have to end up buying more material for the embroidered pieces as fast as I’m wasting it.
Sure glad we weren’t in the Virginia campground yesterday. What a disaster. That always scares me when we’re traveling and run into bad weather.
Bill drove down into the hollow and talked to the cabinetmaker - he is waiting for the new hinges. But has the doors and all the new crown molding done - and will be up in the next day or two to finish the painting.

It stayed pretty cool all day today - I finally ate the last of the cinnabons - thank goodness - at the cost and time it took to make them I wasn’t going to throw them away. Way too sweet. We gave half of them away. 

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