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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hurry Polar Vortex!

There is no joy in Mudville - I mean our home - tonight - Mighty Argentina blew it. Bill says the better team did win. But we were hoping. Germany made a goal in the 117th minute of a 90 minute game. Well there should have only been 90 minutes of it, but at the end of 90 it was 0 to 0 so they went into 30 minutes of OT.  At least it wasn't penalty kicks. I spent part of the game flicking back and forth on the TV watching the race and the game during race commercials. So many commercials I didn't miss much of the game. 
And in the NASCAR race Kyle, #18, came in 2nd and was lucky to do that. He ran out of gas as he crossed the finish line. At least his car was a lot better than it's been the last month or so.
I sure wish our forecast Polar Vortex would get here - for some reason today it went up to the high 80s but "felt like" 94. We can see the air the humidity is so high. Going outside is like walking into a sauna. Of course it is bothering Bill again - at least now that he is warm all the time we can have the AC on all day. Works for me. 
Even though it was warm I did start painting! Yes, really! I started in the basement furnace room where it is almost always cool. What a freaking mess - little bitty tiny spiders all over - I still feel like my skin is crawling. And mouse turds - all over the place on the high shelves ICK!!!ICK!!! They were probably there when we bought the place. Got all the cleaning done and about 1/4 of the room painted. Looks better already - at least to me it does. It will never look nice but at least it will look and smell clean.
We have a good friend, who is very smart and has published a couple of books, reading our "book" She finished it this weekend and has sent me a bunch of suggestions for improving it. So guess back to the computer - when I get too tired to paint.
Yesterday I got the embroidery sewing machine set up so I can start embroidering my quilt pieces. Took me awhile to remember how to get the patterns from the laptop to the card that goes into the sewing machine. It's been so long since I've used it I had to reload the program. Could not remember where I'd put the disk. After much digging I found it right where it should be. With the instruction manual! Then the machine didn't want to recognize the card - forgot the embroidery attachment had to be attached for it to recognize it. But it is all ready to go now. Have six designs ready to go. 
Best post and go fix something for dinner - Some kind of chicken probably. 

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