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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More rain and more stuff to sell

After leaving the house yesterday – after doing some cleaning and meeting the Sale guy, we came home to the Alfa. 
Good Bye house
Watched TV – and fixed steak and baked potato for dinner.
Another wet morning. Only this time it is fog. We had two small storms pass through here yesterday afternoon. They were short lived but dumped a whole lot of water and had lots of wind. 

And our levelers sunk even further into the dirt. If the sun does come out it will be really humid out. I feel bad for the people who are here for the Fourth of July weekend. Although – ha ha – it is supposed to start drying out some.
The campground this morning. 

Gad! Bill is having problems with his PC here in the Alfa. It too is an old one. And I’ve decided that I want a mouse – this keypad on my new laptop seems to do what and when it wants. And for some reason the MiFi is giving us problems. Probably all the fog. Yesterday afternoon/evening we were watching the Copa America soccer game with Argentina vs Paraguay and the storm hit – of course the satellite went out. Seems like our satellite dome likes bad weather even less than a satellite dish. Storm was short didn’t miss much of game. Argentina won 6 to 1. So they will go to the final against Chile. Also the Women’s Soccer team will be in the finals. Hope they win.
This morning we headed into town, big town, to meet our friend Tom for breakfast at IHop. Bill loves their Swedish crepes with lingonberries. Then to Wal*Mart where I picked up a few things that got accidently packed. Also a new wireless mouse for the laptop.
Before we went to town though we spent some time cleaning drawers after I opened one and found a GREAT BIG BUG crawling around in it. While cleaning the drawers we gathered up more stuff for the sale. Why did I ever buy an iron for the RV? Even forgot we had it.

Been working on getting my Access database that I use when we’re traveling ready for living here in the Alfa and traveling west. Oops I managed to delete all the information from our winter trip. Glad it was backed up on the external hard drive. 
Every time I go to do something on this laptop I have to sign in 'cause I haven't used the program yet. Half the time I can't remember the user ID or the password. Hope things stayed signed in now. 

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