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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rainy New Years Day in Aticama

Noon New Years Day – it is raining here in Aticama. But “It never rains this time of year in Aticama.” Well it is now. The three other RVs have left the park so it’s only us, John and Carol and George left here. Because of the rain the beach isn’t even crowded.
All of yesterday preparations were under way at the restaurant for the evening’s big anniversary party.
For awhile in the afternoon I was afraid the event would have bad weather. It quickly changed. Got even darker and the wind started to blow and it got cold out. Luckily just a few minor sprinkles and the wind stopped.
Happy New Years –been cool and raining all day here in Aticama.
Took a ride into Aticama earlier in yesterday to pick up some produce and spotted a couple of things. Where do you suppose he is going with all that wood?
Maybe to cook these guys?  At first I didn’t believe what I was looking at. But yes these little piggy’s were being prepared for someone’s dinner. Right out on the main street no less.
And another use for more wood – the smoking fish.
We were invited to the ceremony in the church yesterday but did not go. But I got a few pictures from John to share.
The Padre coming in followed by a few of the flower girls – such pretty white dresses
The Bride and Groom – reaffirming their vows on their 50th wedding anniversary.
The wedding party.
check out the pink shoes
We did go to the reception that was held outdoors in the big grassy lawn here at El Chaco. The set up was beautiful. And the rain held off until early this morning.
The tables were lit from underneath. The colors were ivory and gold.
The center pieces were ivory colored roses tipped with gold paint – very very pretty.
The cake was beautiful with a small fountain in its center. Sure smelled good.
The couple at their table of honor.
There were about 200 people there and of course a live band. We left soon after the meal as the music was a little loud for us old farts. A really nice celebration.
From Jennie we could hear the music as if it were in here with us. And the fireworks off and on until well after midnight.
Right now it is pouring outside – hope it is hard enough to wash some of the dust off of the poor plants. They will be so happy.
I am actually able to post this using the TelCel - I just gave it a try and it came on. Didn't want to walk in the rain to the restaurant. So I'm lazy - what can I say.
As an afterthought I thought I’d post a picture of the RV the German couple was driving. We’ve seen a lot of them and then never fail to remind me of a tank. Bill says they are 4-wheel drive too and can go about anywhere. Don’t look real comfortable though.   

Later this afternoon or early evening all of us - John, Carol, George and Bill and I are going into town to have dinner - hopefully something will be open - to celebrate our - mine and Bill's anniversary. 48 years since we started our life together. Where does time go?


  1. Happy 48th Anniversary to you guys! Have a great celebration dinner!

  2. What a variety of news and photos in this post. Glad you are having fun, and Happy Anniversary. A couple more years and you can have another wedding!