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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lots of sun shine this morning

A bright and sunny start to the day. Only clouds are on the horizon. The ocean is a beautiful blue color today instead of a stormy gray. Yesterday it didn't rain but it sure thought about it for a while. Got real windy - windy enough that Bill got a couple of his big kites up and flying. I guess one family on the beach thought he had them for sale and sent their little boy up to ask how much they were. Had to disappoint them and tell them Not for Sale.
I am having such a hard time trying to break my habit of sitting on my feet. Every time I sit back down my legs and feet go under my behind. Pretty soon both legs and feet are asleep. If I ever have to move fast I'll fall flat on my face. I'm just comfortable sitting that way. She says as she is pulling her feet from under her.
Today we are going into San Blas and get a supply of chicken breasts to freeze. Finally have some room in the itty bitty freezer for them. We had Bills home made spaghetti sauce from home, meatballs from WalMart and ravioli from Sam's Club last night for dinner. Tasted darn good. And cleared up a little space in freezer.
Checked the weather for this area - wish I hadn't of. By next week temperatures in the mid 90s are predicted. Guess I'll just sit here with the AC up high, the fan running and stare at the pictures of the house in the snow. But actually I won't be able to cause our friend from home will be arriving here in Aticama on the hottest day.
I had started to write this right into the blog – now I remember why I don’t usually do that. I am the world’s worst speller and blogger doesn’t catch my errors. So now using Word again – will cut and paste when I finish. There is a spell check in Blogger but keep forgetting about it. Okay I see now how it works - it highlights every thing it doesn't like in bright yellow.
Will try now to post this while the TelCel is still working. I took some nice pictures of last nights sunset but haven't taken them off the camera yet - might add them later.

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