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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Special Chocolate Cake and Steak dinner

Not too much going on the last couple of days. Forgot to mention that when we were in Centro the other day we took my much beloved, so scratched up I can barely see through them, glasses I wear when reading and using the computer in to get new lenses made. What I like about the glasses is the frame – they are so light weight, comfortable and lets face it big – I was told in the states that they could not replace just the lenses – the frame would have to go too as it was too old to reuse. And all the new style frames have smaller lens [lenses] area – I don’t like them. So anyway I’m getting new lenses with old frame. Hooray!
Also another only in Mexico episode I forgot to mention. You know we like to eat at Beach Burger in Plazuela Machado – it is just a little restaurant but good food. Any way the other night Bill asked for a cup of coffee after dinner. They didn’t have any?!? So Pilar our waiter walked down to another restaurant and got a cup of coffee from them. A day or two later I had ice tea – this time it was not sweet and I expect just made from tea bags. I asked for sugar – Again Pilar had to go to the restaurant next door to get some sugar packets. Last year one time when we went there there was “No Cook.” And another time the owner jumped on his bike and motored to the market for tomatoes for our hamburgers. Gotta love it.
Filled Willie’s tank and this time only 17.5 mpg – not 44. Makes a difference when the engine is running when he is moving.
Made a quick trip to Sam’s Club to get some prosciutto that was supposed to be in. It wasn’t – maybe tomorrow. MaƱana. Did find out where to get the parking ticket stamped though. As you leave Sam’s Club there is a roofed concrete area and down at one end of that area is a fast food place. That is where you have to take the ticket to get it stamped – and because we didn’t buy anything it cost us 3 pesos. Go figure.
Just a quick shot of a building being built. Notice the supports for the upper floors.
Bill was craving chocolate cake so we went to Soriana where they usually have some for sale. But yesterday there were no chocolate ones.  Surprise, Bill got talking to the people in the bakery department and what did they do? They made him one special. The baker was a young man. He said he had learned from his father from when he was five years old and has been doing this ever since. He also said he doesn’t eat much cake.
first layer
adding filling
more filling

top layer with start of frosting

frosted adding frosting shells

Here you are
He makes it look so easy - don't watch if you're hungry or if you're a chocolate lover

And last night we went out to dinner – I got my steak. Went to Fat Fish Bill had ribs and I had a rib eye – tasted delicious. Satisfied my craving for a while.
I started another necklace – watched UTube on how to cast stitches on the knitting needle. I’ve decided I just don’t have any coordination when it comes to handling two needles and yarn. Gave up. Then Bill said he’d show me an easier way – and HE DID! Is there anything he can’t do? Will try again later today – maybe….
Got pretty cool here last night – I even thought about turning on the heater this morning, but it is warming up already. Should be around 80 later. 

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  1. That is a yummy looking cake. I'm guessing they must have had the cake part already baked and just had to put it together.