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Monday, January 21, 2013

Last day and evening in San Blas

Monday - Posted another update late last night after we got home from dinner about our ocean boat ride.
And I just realized I managed to skip a whole part of Tom’s trip here. When we took him up to see the old fort and church in San Blas. I think we did it Saturday after Willie got fixed. Anyway the fort is from the late 1500s and there is a great view from the hill it is on.  San Blas below us.
A closer look at downtown from up on the hill.

The fort – it has been restored some since a hurricane in 2006 almost completely destroyed it. The church that was also built in the 1500s - it has not been restored.
Looking inside the church to see what is left of the roof supports.
And looking in one window, across the church and out the other side window.

Again I’ve posted lots and lots of pictures of both the fort and church previous years. Then we took Tom into his first visit in San Blas. Meat is being delivered.
But enough of that. I think I am caught up by now. Saturday I spent most of the day trying to catch up on my pictures and blogs. Sunday again catching up on blog. Did a lot of visiting with John, Carol and George then early evening we all went into San Blas for dinner at Tradiciones. Very good meal. John and George
Javier, Carol, Bill and Victoria the cook. Those are her children. Carol and Bill are looking at a deformed tomato.
After dinner we took our evening stroll around the plaza. Had to get some churros. The churro man works 5 1/2 hours a day 7 days a week. This is his only job. Churros sell for 1 Peso each.
Then across the street to get some ice cream.
And that is how we ended our stay in San Blas for this year.  Pretty soon we will be on the road headed to Mazatlan.  

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