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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An errands kind of day

Yesterday it rained again most of the day and it was quite cool – love it. It is 5:30 a.m. and Bill has been up awhile. I just got up and now he is threatening to turn on the heater – either that or he is going back to bed. Good Night!
When I tried to go on-line I discovered the TelCel has run out of prepaid time so we have to go into town to recharge it – of the 6GB we bought in Hermosillo two months ago we’ve only used 2.08GB. So this time we’ll only buy 3GB and that will be good for one month. Here they don’t just automatically charge you every month like Verizon does at home. They just shut you down and you have to buy more time. Hope we don’t have a problem with it like last time here where Bill and the sales clerk ended up discussing it with the police. We also have to find John someplace where he can get some paper work scanned and sent to his home. Or maybe faxed?
And to improve my mood more I’m having problems with Blogger. Using IE I can upload the writing with no problems but I cannot upload my pictures. When the upload window comes up the “browse” button won’t come up so I can’t go to where my pictures are stored on my laptop. If I use FireFox I can get to the pictures but the formatting of the entire blog is all screwed up and I don’t have the patience to try to figure out how to fix it. So today I’m going over to the restaurant and download the update for IE to see if that helps and I’ll reinstall Google Chrome to see if it will work okay. This is becoming a JOB!......
And on top of that I have a cold and am in a real nasty mood. So there! I cannot get sick – our friend will be here tomorrow……Have to go to Puerta Vallarta to pick him up. About 80 miles from here. It is a pretty drive though. Sure hope his plane is on time and that we remember that PV is in a different time zone.
Fixed orange chicken and white rice and mixed vegetables for dinner last night. Tasted real good.
Didn’t get this posted this a.m. cause we ended up running errands. Took the laundry in to be done. Went into San Blas and had the 3GBs added to the TelCel so I’m good for another month – when I can get a signal. And picked up some Contac – do they still sell it in the states – for my cold. And got John’s paper work scanned/faxed for him.

Tomorrow we’ll be going to Puerta Vallarta to pick up our friend so we are making a big shopping list of things we can’t get around here. There is a WalMart and a Sam’s Club there.

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