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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It was cold here last night! Memories of times past

First morning back in Mazatlan. Getting warm now but let me tell you it was darn cold last night. I’m even thinking about digging the electric blanket out and putting it back on the bed. Maybe the cold just bothered me ‘cause I stayed up late then woke up not feeling real good. (Think I ate too many ribs too fast – then also had a late night snack of the leftovers.)
Bill went to bed EARLY like 7:30. Neither of us had any breakfast before we left Aticama. And then didn’t eat until we got our ribs. Not good thinking. He was so restless I didn’t want to wake him up when I went to bed so I was up till after 1:30 – it got cold in here. I downloaded a book from the library and read it – yep read the whole thing. Then tried to download a free one from Barnes and Noble and couldn’t do it. I was hoping they’d made some changes to their system but guess not. They don't accept Mexican Internet.
We did have a visit from our friend here in Mazatlan. She and I sat outside and talked for quite a while. Hope to visit more with her today or tomorrow too.
Las Jaibas RV Park has quite a few rigs in it. So glad to see that. There are even five back here in the back where we park.
I was hunting for something I wrote a long time ago about parasailing and came across the page I wrote about out first trip to Mazatlan in 1978. So many changes here. www.movingon1.com/mazatlan.html  Links to the past – hard to believe it was 35 years ago this month that we left California for Argentina.
And the one about our stay in San Blas.  www.movingon1.com/sanblas.html  So long ago. And there were seven of us in a 24 foot Class A motorhome. And now I’m complaining about the two of us in a 30 foot Class C. I have not become more tolerant as I’ve grown older I guess.
Here is a picture of the whole gang in Aticama – getting ready to go out to dinner. Bill, me Carol   George and John  and Tipper John's dog.
I have got to stop stuffing my face. Guess I don’t see the weight when I look in a mirror but sure see it in photographs. Maybe it’s just the stripes on my blouse.  NOT. 
Will write about today later when I have something to write about. Need to go to grocery store and Home Depot etc. etc. 

1 comment:

  1. Great group pic. Definitely the stripes! Bill's looking a bit leaner......

    Hope you have a better night tonight .... brrrrrrr!