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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ocean Boat Ride to Rock with Face

This is today's second post. There is a very long post below it about our first boat ride. 
Thursday the sun was shinning again so we decided to take a small boat trip out on the ocean to see the rock that looks like Jesus. John and Carol went with us.
We did not get the best boatman around unfortunately- he didn’t speak at all – just drove the boat. Our first clue should have been when he looked at Bill funny when Bill said we wanted to go out to the Jesus Rock. He asked, “The rock?” Like why would we be interested in the rock. Guess he’s never seen the face. When Bill and I took our trip out a couple of years ago we had a great boatman – he talked, in English, the entire time. Unfortunately he has just had prostrate surgery. He gave us all kinds of history and information about the area and what we were seeing.
We were off, first crossing a couple of planks to get to the floating dock and then into the boat.
Because we were going to be in the ocean we all had to wear life jackets – though I do notice now that someone in the back of the boat didn’t have his on. And Tom doesn’t look too happy? What is that about?
Going out of the harbor into the ocean we passed a bunch of pelicans on the shore. A couple of them had different coloring. Kind of gold colored heads. A different species or males?
Before long we were out by the rock. The white on the rock is all bird poop. As we got closer downwind of it we could surely smell it.
 The statue on top is of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The end of January or around the first of February all the fishing boats come out to the rock for a blessing.
John, Carol and Tom were asking us “Where is the face?” Good question – where WAS the face. Bill had the boatman go back around the rock – he had no idea what we were looking for and we were quite close to the base of the rock. I kind of remembered we passed the ocean side of the rock and then could see “the face.”  So around the rock we went again pretty close to it. Still no face. So here are some pictures from our last trip out. See there is actually a face. We just were not far enough away from it nor in the just right position to see it.

But we did see some Blue Footed Boobys sitting on another rock. I've only seen one other one a couple of years ago in Huatabampito. 

And then we got a closer look at one of the big fishing boats. Didn’t see a soul on it except for the birds.
By then a couple of our fellow travelers had had enough of the ocean. One didn’t like being so far from land and one was getting sea sick. I was hoping no one would throw up – cause I had a feeling if one did we all would. No fun.
Looking back towards land.
Going back into the harbor. Lots of tropical vegetation. A small hotel there.
And then back in the harbor past the rusting ships.
As we got out of the boat I discovered that my cloth quilted purse that I’d put under my seat was sopping wet. When I put it under there the floor was dry?!?!?! When we got home I had to take everything out of it and dry it out including my wallet and our passports and tourists cards.
That night Bill, Tom and I went out to Donatello for dinner. The next morning Tom was leaving bright and early.
Friday morning around 8:30 one of the owners here picked Tom up and took him to the Puerta Vallarta airport – his plane would leave around 1:00 our time. He emailed that he had an uneventful flight home into the cold weather. 
We spent most of Friday nursing the remainder of our colds and just reading and watching TV. Did take a quick trip into Aticama to buy tortillas and green peppers - 10 Pesos. 
It is kind of bitter sweet to be leaving this area. Not only do we have friends in John and Carol and George who will be especially missed. But we’ve also made friends with some of the people in San Blas. Javier the owner of Tradiciones restaurant and the man and woman who do the beading. We hate to leave them ‘cause we’re never sure we will come back to this part of Mexico – or Mexico for that matter.

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