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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mondays Adventure into Paradise

Monday morning was a picture postcard morning. The trees are still really green from the recent rain, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the white clouds were scattered throughout. Want to be here? Internet says? Indiana is getting some more snow.

And the beach was empty – everyone has gone back to work or to school. The ocean had small waves and was really blue.
So what did we do? We decided to take a ride. Going down the dirt road to Aticama we passed this horse waiting patiently for his owner. Spotted the rider down the rocks by the water.
Stopped for gas then continued south past a small town with lots of topes. At each tope there was a fruit stand selling huge yakas, star fruit and coconuts. Why would you buy yaka when they are growing wild all over the place.
Up the mountain looking down at the town and the ocean. Beautiful scenery. Very tropical. 
We continued on till we saw the sign for Playa las Tortugas. Hum… Beach of the Turtles – sounds interesting. Off we went. First few miles of the dirt road was through fields of crops – almost like being in Indiana – soy beans and sorghum – except for the palm trees in the distance.

Out of the fields into palm groves. Road also changed from dirt/rock to sand.
On down through more palm trees. These were shorter and hanging over the road. 
No snow here.
Finally got to the beach – didn’t see any turtles. During the summer the turtles come up on this beach to lay their eggs. The whole area is protected during that time. 
Much to our surprise we found a bunch of houses. Not just houses but HOUSES. Of course we had to drive in and look around.
Got curious and talked to the sales manager. He took us to look at a house that was for sale. Isn’t it neat looking? On 1/3rd acre, two bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, kitchen will all appliances, air conditioners in all rooms, dining and living rooms, huge terrace on upper floor with palapa and wet bar. Come completely furnished. Around 290,000 US dollars. Very pretty but really out in the middle of nowhere. Better not need to go to grocery store for milk. 
Here is their web site. http://www.playalastortugas.com
Saw this bush with a tail walking down the road as we were heading home. I know! I know it is also wearing a hat. 
By the time we got home it was overcast and a little cooler. Fixed steak and baked potato for dinner last night. The last of our baking potatoes from home.
This morning is getting grayer and grayer with overcast. Maybe we’ll get rain again today? It’s nice to be able to leave the windows open and the AC off.
Oh almost forgot – Chip – the guy with the ultra lite is back staying at the little hotel next door. He had his plane out yesterday afternoon – I think George went up with him.
To explain about my camera – my old Sony takes a special battery that is even hard to find anymore in the states. A couple of years ago when we were in Guadalajara I did find one but it cost US$90!!!! Didn’t buy it… The new camera takes rechargeable double AAs.
Fixed the first pot of the coffee we bought in Aticama the other day. It smells and tastes so good. I think I put their web page address in one of the blogs. http://www.capulin.com
Crap I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. Now is not good timing. Our friend from Indiana will be arriving here on Thursday for a week. And we have so much planned to do.


  1. liked the scenery today, especially the horses.

  2. Another great post! Hope you don't get a cold! Send coffee!!!!!