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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Going to Puerta Vallarta Day

Another cool morning here and damp – but it will warm up later. Sun has not peaked over the mountain yet. Today we go to Puerta Vallarta to pick up our friend, Tom. He’s never been in this area of Mexico so I imagine it will surprise him a little. For the good I hope. The trip will take us most of the day. We’re going to get there early so we can do a little shopping, then pick him up (hopefully we find him okay – never been to that airport.) Then drive quickly to get home before dark. And there is a time zone difference to keep in mind….
We went out to dinner last night to Tradiciones - as always good filling meal. And good company.
Think I have my cold under control - hope so anyway and really hope that Bill doesn't catch it as his colds take on a life of their own and get really bad. And we've got a lot planned for the next week or so.

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