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Monday, January 21, 2013

Back in Mazatlan

We are in Mazatlan all settled in. We picked a good day to travel – the weather was beautiful not too hot not too cold. And all the prices at the Toll Booths went up today! Cost us US$79 for 140 miles of toll road! Gasoline went up too – when we got here it was 10.80 pesos per liter now it is 10.92 pesos per liter…..Oh well such is life.
Both Bill and I can be on-line at the same time here. Even way in the back of Las Jaibas the campground’s Internet is working – well most of the time anyway - hooray! And the Banda Ancha is working really fast.
I guess Willie is still pissed at us – got here and found out he managed to discharge his battery during the trip. What is with him? We’ve told him we love him and will get him fixed in a day or two. Bill put the charger on him and I just heard him start up. Guess it was just a little snit. [We just back back from dinner and a ride around town and he is running perfectly.]
Soon we’ll head into town to Fat Fish and get a big plate of RIBs and all will be well with the world. Since we left San Blas Bill has been saying he could smell them.
[later] We are home after having a wonderful dinner. Being welcomed with open arms at Fat Fish. 
Rubbing it in - here are the ribs.
Wish I could include smell and taste with this picture.

But back to our trip. Getting ready to leave El Chaco – John, Bill and George.
Taking a picture of George taking a picture of us.
Leaving El Chaco
The trip was pretty uneventful except for one incident. A Fitozoosantaria check point. 
These are agricultural check points. Usually we just get waved right through them. Although there is one in the state of Sonora that always stops RVs and checks on what kind of fruit they have – for some reason mangos and apples get confiscated. But any way…..They stopped us at this one. The uniformed man who stopped us came up to the window – at most check points Bill only speaks English, that’s a long story – Bill rolled down his window the man says, “Open Please.” pointing to the other side of Jennie where the door is. So I get up and go over and open the door. The step of course wasn’t out so he had to pull himself up into the camper. “Ooff!” When he got in he looked around and pointed to the refrigerator. “Open Please. Open Please.” I motioned for him to go ahead and open it. First he opened the freezer and just as the door cracked open a container of frozen strawberries fell out. He grabbed it – looked at me and shoved it inside and slammed the door close. Hummm??? Then he opened the refrigerator. With all the vibrating the coach had been doing one of the tension rods I have inside to hold things in place had shook loose. It came clattering out as the door opened. Again he was quick and caught it. He looked at it and looked at me. I took it back and while I was readjusting it he asked, “Puerta Vallarta (waved his hand towards the North) Mazatlan?” I nodded and put the rod back. He quickly closed the door and left. Jumping down to the pavement. I think he had used up his repertoire in English. He never really looked at anything. Maybe he just wanted to look inside the RV – you never know.
After eating we took a drive along the Malecón and got to see some of the decorations going up for Carnaval. The year the theme is Magic Lantern and the paper mache statues along the Malecón are of movie stars and characters. Guess who this one is.
We are now home for the night. Tomorrow will be another adventure.

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