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Friday, January 4, 2013

Plentiful Food Around

Yesterday dawned bright and clear. Not a cloud in the sky – so so much for the weather report of rain for the next few days. Today is clear and pretty as well. And the predictions for next week have gone from 93 to 88 as the highs. A little better.
So into San Blas we went to buy some chicken breasts. Still a lot of water in some of the streets. 
 Had breakfast at Tradiciones while we were there. Bill had an omelet and I had French Toast. Walked up to the central market to get some red and yellow peppers and they didn’t have any. Then we were looking for a certain brand of dish soap in small bottles that Bill likes. Couldn’t find that either. Guess that means we’ll have to make another trip today. We did get our skinless chicken breasts though. Went home and wrapped them and put them in the freezer then went for another ride it was such a nice day.
We took the dirt road along the water into Aticama. The plants looked so happy and green after the rain. Everything appears greener now with all the dust washed off.

Bill went into a little market to see if they had ZipLock bags – we are almost out – and they do/did but they sell them by the “one bag” not by the box. So guess we’ll wait on them until we get to a bigger town.

While he was in the store I was watching this lady cleaning and opening oysters.

First she used the machete on them
Then pried them open with a small knife.
 On down the road we stopped at a new restaurant to talk to the owner and check out the menu – might try eating there one of these nights. Outside of the restaurant was a beautiful bush with these lavender flowers on it. So pretty. 

 Further down the road was a living fence. Looks like the twigs are stuck into the dirt to hold the fence wire and they just start to grow again. Some of the trees have really gotten big.
 As we drove along I was thinking about the abundance of fruits growing wild and in orchards around here. Here is a papaya tree. Lots of papayas on it.
 And banana plants all over.
 And the Yaka – a type of breadfruit – I don’t know how they don’t break the limbs of the trees they get so big.
 Other fruit trees around here are: star fruit and mango. And wild coffee plants. With the fish from the sea what else do you need to survive. And speaking of fish. We drove down into a little village that is basically all seafood restaurants and fisherman. This couple was cleaning fresh fish getting it ready to sell. 
 Some of the boats and the pelicans sitting on the pilings. 

 A bunch of pelicans flying in in front of us.
 We stood there and watched them for awhile and discovered that some of the pelicans jump up when a waves breaks in front of them. They just jump over the breaking part. Fun to watch. 
 Looking down the beach where a bunch of fishermen were congregated. 
 Happened to notice these children playing around the boats. 
 From there we went to drive around the town of Santa Cruz. A couple of the buildings.
 And the doctor’s office where Bill went. 
 More sunset pictures.

 Off to another day's adventures......

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