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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stopped raining - warm and humid

Rained all day yesterday – sometimes heavy and sometimes with lots of wind. Thought a couple of times we’d (Bill’d) have to take the awning in. Kept it up all night and like a dummy I went on-line and checked the weather for the next week or so. For the next three days we’ll have rain off and on then it clears up. By next week……temperatures predicted to be up in the 90s again. Sure hope that is wrong.
Our house sitter sent us pictures from home – maybe I should quit complaining about here.

We all – John, Carol, George and us - went out to dinner last night. It was like driving through small rivers in downtown San Blas. No drainage systems in the streets there. Good thing the curbs and sidewalks are about a foot high. Had a very good dinner and fun companions. Then home and miracle of miracle the TelCel was working great for an hour or so. Then it quit and still isn’t working. Maybe the wind and rain??? Thought we were going to lose our power a couple times as the wind picked up – reminded me of Brown County. The lights would dim but then come back up.
Even with the rain yesterday by afternoon the ramadas around the beach were full. Lots of people in the water.
George, John and Bill are quite the group. Nice way of saying they might be nuts. They can take one word and do a comedy routine on it for ten minutes. Each one trying to one-up the other. Last night it was “ice cream” Some times Carol and I don’t know whether to laugh at them or commit them. They can be anywhere from profound to stupid, silly to serious. But always wacky. Maybe we should film them and put them on UTube - Weird how their brains work.
Now I’m reading a series of Debbie Macomber books – her Blossom Street series. They are nice entertaining books. No deep thinking needed but I enjoy them as a respite from mystery or spy novels. They are filled with nice people doing everyday things. She has sure written a whole lot of books.
I was walking around the campground this morning and took a couple of pictures - this one is of three different houses - one blue, one green and one red.
A couple of pretty birds around the campground

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  1. I need to ask a question. I have noticed on alot of the pictures of the homes, it appears they do not have glass in the windows and some don't have doors. I noticed this on Wengs house also. Is this common practice? How do they secure themselves and their belongings? I noticed that the blue house has bars on the windows and doors. Maybe I just can't see the glass. I enjoy your blog. Looking at the snow you have at home, the rain doesn't sound so bad. LOL