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Friday, January 25, 2013

Dance and Music in the Afternoon in Mazatlan

Late getting this done today – Just pondering. Why do the gray eyebrow hairs grow so fast and so stiff and long? Why don’t regular eyebrow hairs grow that fast?
Remember when my purse was sitting in the salt water in the boat when we took the ride in the ocean. One of my camera batteries was in that purse. It no longer works – the little bit of salt water that got on it corroded it. Still have two more batteries for my poor old Sony and I am trying to get used to the new camera. Used it today when we went out to the bakery.
Yesterday morning we headed towards the Centro Historico before it got too hot. As always my camera was out and ready.
This travel agency has just been painted. Can’t miss it when you go by. It’s almost as red as the car parked in front. Notice how he is parked right on the corner.
gotta love the colors
The city is trying to stop some of that by putting in concrete pylons where they don’t want cars to park. This particular narrow one way street has them all down one side. 
In fact we used to park where the pylons are now. When we did park there we had to pull our mirrors to keep them from getting hit by passing traffic. Now we park in the lot just up at the next corner. They always make room for us. And while we’re parked there we usually have Willie washed. Yesterday he got the royal treatment – inside and out and polish on the wheels. Cost 75 pesos for parking and detailing. About US$5.75.
After parking we walked over to the watchmaker to get Bill’s battery changed. He has a very old very elegant watch that he can no longer get batteries for in the US. The watchmaker's sign – taller means “shop” we see signs Taller mechanic, Taller repair man etc. It’s just funny.
Notice his hours – closed for lunch.
Walked through the main plaza again – lots of kids and pigeons.
Sounds like thunder when they all take off at once. And the kids scream and or cry. 
There are so many vendors on the sidewalks and streets. You would never have to go home to eat. These are tangerines and coconut sweets. I wonder what they use to give them that bright color? Have never eaten one. The bees crawling on them kind of turns me off.
This is in the central market – she is make up prepackaged salads for sale.
The package of salad. Looks good.
Some pre cooked fried plantanos and sweet potatoes. Smelled so good. Nice sugary glaze on them. Yum. 
This is watermelon packaged with a lime and a pouch of chili powder and a toothpick to eat it with.
We bought some tangerines, tortillas and here is Bill paying for some nice grapes. Notice her apron. All the older women working the food stands wear them. I remember my grandmother having some just like it.
These are guayabas???? It is a fruit, probably some kind of guava, that’s all I know about it.
And granadas – pomegranates and peras, pears.
While in the central market Bill got a couple more cool shirts and I got a couple more of my favorite type blouses. Pictures later – maybe.
From there we went back to the parking lot to drop off our purchases and because we were so close and we were hungry [I wonder why] and it was noon we went on to the Plazuela Machado for lunch at Beach Burger. Bill had an Italian Chicken Salad and I had Cheese quesadilla with guacamole. We had ice tea and coke to drink and chips and salsa before meal. 
Love to watch what is going on in the plaza while eating. This couple was busy making some kind of souvenir to sell later.
Two couples were practicing dance moves without the help of their music.

However while they were dancing a man with a guitar was serenading the people at the table behind us.

Later this man stopped to practice his flute and guitar. 
Pleasant morning, good food, beautiful day, interesting people.
Back to the parking lot to pick up Willie – now these are really “pigeon holes.”
Later in the day we took a short drive to watch the sunset but were too late to get any great pictures at the waters edge. Did get a few from the campground. Golden at first. 
And even later it got red - lots of birds too.
 The end of another day - what will we do tomorrow - well today really - and we went to Malpica........


  1. I'm a new visitor to your blog. Followed your link from Tioga George's blog. Really enjoy all your photos! Thanks.