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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Writing about Nothing

Just some pictures of a little of the graffiti around here. They sure are good with a spray can. 

After Friday's journey through TelCel wonderland we went into Sam’s Club. It is right next door to the Mall. To get to parking you have to take a ticket – it is a pay lot. It USED to be – you took your ticket and no matter how long – minutes or hours - you were in Sam’s Club you owed something to get out of the lot. That has changed – we discovered as we left… Now you have to get your ticket stamped as you are leaving the building and if you’ve only been there for a few minutes like we were there is no charge. But we didn’t get our ticket stamped and the girl at the gate wasn’t going to let us out unless we backed up – there were cars behind us – parked and went back inside for the stamp. Bill finally convinced her to let us out but she had to leave her area and manually open the gate for us. Weird for grocery shopping. And we didn’t buy anything. We went in looking for prosciutto but they didn’t have any, it will be in Monday. At least then we’ll know how to get in and out – if we remember……
By then it was about 11:35 and we hadn't eaten breakfast so we’re both hungry. Bill pulled into the McDonalds right down town. Okay sounded good. Inside we trooped. Several customers standing around in the ordering area – no one behind counter seemed to be taking orders. Bill asked one customer – which line is taking orders – the guy laughed and pointed to one. Bill went up to the counter – no one paid any attention to him. I noticed the man next to me shake his head so I asked “Are you waiting for your food or waiting to order?” “To order but no one seems to be working.”  Oh, oh – Bill had cut the line. This McDonalds reminded me of our home town one – kind of disorganized. Bill said something to one of the people behind the counter and turned around and motioned for me “lets go.” “Not going to get anything?” I asked. “No hay hamburguesas.” What?  No hamburgers? Crap it was 20 to 12 and they were still serving breakfast.
On down the street to Burger King. Where we got our hamburgers. Pretty good too. And we were the only people in the place. Except for one family in the kids play area. Their little kid was up in the crawling tubes and they were trying to coax him out and he wasn’t about to get out. I wondered – how do you get him out if he doesn’t want to come out. Dad was too big to fit in the tubes. He was still in them when we left. I asked for salt when we got our food expecting the employee to reach under the counter and had me packet of salt, instead he left went back into the kitchen about returned a little later with a plastic cup with some salt in it. There is always something unexpected happening here.
We were commenting when we were in the Mall how shinny the marble/tile floors always are – here in Burger King they were the same. Prompted me to comment that if a woman had a dress on you would be able to tell the color of her panties in the reflection on the floor.  They really are that clean and shinny.
The Burger King here has home delivery. 
And we can't even get pizza delivered to home in Nashville.  Then on home where we stayed the rest of the day. Both of us took naps – getting to be a habit.
Looked like it might be a pretty sunset so we went outside to watch it. Looking in front of us towards the ocean west. 
Looking behind us - east.
Ended up spending more time watching the birds again.
They got kind of up close and personal this time. Could hear the plop plops of organic matter hitting the top of Jennie and the awning. Figured I’d better get back under cover out of range.
Fixed Spanish Rice and lemon chicken (using lemon I picked off of tree her in campground) for dinner. Bill wasn’t too hunger as he’d eaten two – TWO  Whoppers for lunch.
Later heard explosions and took a minute to register they were fireworks and that they were close. Waited too long to poke my head out the window with the camera but did manage to catch one.
And that’s when I remembered the full moon. Beautiful.

Our friend Roberto who was supposed to come visit us last night at 5:00 never showed up. When leaving for breakfast this morning we found out that he did show up but at 7:00 after the gates were locked and guard would not let him in. Oh well - 
Today is Sunday and we have absolutely no plans….
Another video of the birds. They are amazing. Turn the sound up. 

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