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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music in the Night

It’s funny returning to Mazatlan feels a lot like coming “home.”  We know where everything is i.e. restaurants, banks, grocery stores, laundry, book stores and bead stores etc. all that kind of stuff. We have friends here who we spend time visiting with. Just kind of neat being here.
The weather is a little cooler than Aticama but not much during the day. Last night got almost cold.
We had to go out for some groceries (pastries) yesterday morning and on the way to the grocery store we saw this guy. Just wandering down the road – glad he was in the center section. Kind of unexpected here in the middle of the city.
Got our groceries and came home where both of us had a nap. Are we getting lazy or what? Just a short one and I didn’t really sleep – just kept my eyes closed…..that was my pillow making all the noise….
Late afternoon Bill asked do you want to do anything? I said “Yep, but I don’t know what.” So we got in the car and headed across town towards the Centro Historico. Love it over there – so old world. This building had been painted recently and the sun was shinning on it. Colors were so vivid.
We drove by the outdoor restaurants on the Plazuela Machado stopped in the middle of the street and said hi to all the staff. Then parked in our favorite night time parking lot where we were greeted like long lost friends. Spent time talking about our time in Aticama and what we did there beside swat bugs. Bill still needs his watch battery changed before we head home so walked up to the watch makers passing this BLUE building on the way. Pretty isn’t it?
Next to the watchmakers was another building with this intricate stripe painted the length of it.
The watchmaker wasn’t in – will check back tomorrow. Then continued on to the optician to get a lens replaced in Bill’s sunglasses. That took only a couple of minutes to fix the glasses but several minutes to talk with the optician's daughter. He wasn’t there. Will have to stop by another day. Across the street in the main plaza this palm caught my eye. How green the tree with the very red fruit.
There is so much activity around the plaza. Four or five children with their families were feeding the pigeons. The little ones squealing with laughter and chasing the birds. On another side are all the shoe shine/repair men working hard. Always smells of leather and shoe polish as we walk by.
Across the street the setting sun was shinning on the Cathedral and this tree. Some of the leaves on the tree are turning bright red this time of year.

Just a reflection of a light fixture on the front of the church.
We continued on and ended back at the Plazuela. I mentioned that the theme  of Carnaval this year is movies. So placed around town a huge paper mache figures of famous movie stars. This one is supposed to be Al Jolson – I think they didn’t know he was a nice Jewish boy – and I don’t remember him playing any instrument.
Of course we had to have dinner at Beach Burger our favorite restaurant on the Plazuela. Bill had a hamburger and I had a quesadilla and guacamole. We enjoy watching the people going by in the plaza. Just before we finished eating this man sat down on one of the benches and pulled his instrument out of its carrying case. Soon the melodious note were floating through the air. His first piece was Stranger on the Shore. It is just dusk. 
Made a short video – you can hear Bill and the waiter talking in the background.
Then on home. Today Willie did not have any problems – well except that the sensor insists that we have a “flat tire” and there is not one. Don’t know what that is all about. Do you think Willie has a mind of his own?

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