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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Buying Things Necessary and Not

First thing yesterday morning we had to make a trip to Office Depot to get me a new mouse – can’t be without. The store is just like any in the US. Everything you’d need.
Going into the parking lot we saw a group of vendors getting ready to hit the streets. They sure have a load of cleaning supplies.
One of the carts up close. They are really more like a still life painting – very colorful. This picture doesn’t do it justice.
From Office Depot we headed towards Centro to get a few things needed over there. Got stopped at the light right in front of Valentinos – different building isn’t it? There are cafes and discos in it. We always say we’re going to go in and look around but so far haven’t.
It is the building that changes colors at night.

Once into Centro we parked and walked over towards the shopping. Went to a big yardage store there. Bill needed some braided thread. And I got my knitting needles and one skein of yarn. Now I just have to figure out how to knit. Found some direction on UTube that looked pretty easy.
Then we stopped at Panama – a good restaurant for lunch. Bill had a Monte Cristo but said it tasted kind of sweet and I had a tuna sandwich – all the sandwiches are made with a kind of sweet tasting bread. The restaurant has a lot of stained glass in it. I want to do something like this for one of our living room windows this summer.
Leaving the restaurant we watched this guy. He was serenading the people eating at the roadside stand. No guitar but a big red boom box for accompaniment. The little dog wasn’t enjoying it at all.
Wish you could hear him!
These things – don’t know what they are called – are horrible. They taste rotten. The salesman said they taste better with salt and chili – maybe cause then you can’t taste the thing. I talked Tom into tasting one when he was here – I thought he was going to choke – couldn’t get it out of his mouth fast enough. I thought it was funny.
Just a scene from the beach later in the afternoon.
We stopped at the marina to see if the pizza place was going to be open in the afternoon today so we could go there to watch the soccer game. They don’t open during the week until 5-6 o’clock. But while sitting and waiting for Bill to find out I took this picture. The marina and sunset reflected in a shop window.
We also went out to the north end of town to a little shop and I got a couple more blouses – 100 pesos each – about US$8 – got a white one, a beige one and a beige one with blue trim. The only problem is they are a little see through so I have to wear a tank top or something under them. Kind of defeats the purpose of the loose weave to keep cool. 

Then into town again to the Plazuela Machado for dinner. We were stopped at the light by the statue of Marilyn Monroe –ever wonder what she was wearing under her dress? Couldn’t resist this shot up her skirt.
Nothing exciting going on in the Plazuela – very quiet night. Just ate and visited and came on home. 
After we got home I finished my necklace.
Here is the back of it.
And here is a close up. Lots and lots of nine bead loops of black and white beads. 
Now should I knit or start another necklace????

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