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Thursday, March 21, 2013

2nd post about Huatabampito

It’s me again – first post of day is below this one.
Any way we are in Hermosillo at the Sonora RV Park. Did 238 miles today on good and not so good roads. Lots of jiggling around of stuff on parts of it. Tolls today – US$35.00 not quite as bad as yesterday.
For the first day I haven’t taped my toe to keep it from wiggling. It now points the same direction as the rest of my toes. Whoopie. But still swells when I walk on it.
From all the wind at Huatabampito there is sand everywhere. Every thing we touch feels gritty including in the car. Ick.
But back to our day yesterday. After visiting the river we went over to the small fishing village of Yavaros. I posted a link to some of our past visits there in the first blog today.
This is a picture I took of the harbor when we were there in November.
We were told the salvage operation for a year ago was on going. I guess they meant it. The top parts of the boats are gone. Just the rusty hulls are left for now. Didn’t see anyone to ask when they would be taken out.
If you watched the old video you would have seen men working with cables trying to take these parts out – guess they haven’t figured out a way to do it yet.
We walked over by where the big fishing boats are docked – only a few of them were there yesterday. There used to be four times as many docked there. Lots of these eels type things lying on the dock – guess no one eats them.
One of the boats at the dock. Yes it really does still go out and fish.
Where there are fishing boats there are always birds. But no pelicans today. 
Another boat - I liked the colors on it. Yellow and turquoise and of course rust.
Another lovely thing lying on the dock. Looks like a big slug – it was about eight inches long. Slug soup anyone?
One of the smaller boats was being brought in. It is on a trailer and a pickup is towing it. The fisherman back from the sea. Ride em cowboy! Kind of looks like a robot. 
Just a small house in Yavaros I like the way someone has decorated the outside of it. All the purple trim and the flower with the hummingbird. Cute.
Heading back towards Huatabampo we saw a bunch of yellow bags sitting beside the road. All the trash was being picked up for Santa Semana.
Soon we passed these guys picking up the trash.
I mentioned that this is a very agricultural area. There are fields and fields of beautiful green winter wheat and corn.
After going to the market to get some tortillas for the birds we took the scenic route home. Along the irrigation canal over the dirt roads. And met some moving road blocks. The big brown one lying there didn’t even turn his head to look at us.
But this one got real curious. Hi there nice cow.
And further on we met more – this time cows and goats crossing the road to the canal.
Hurry up – you’re lagging behind.
I had taken a lot of pictures of Bill and the birds but accidently erased my camera memory stick. Hope Bill doesn’t read this as I didn’t tell him.
YES!!! We now have our Direct TV working even here in Mexico. After spending 10 minuets of roaming time in MX with tech support. Urrrrgggg. If not for NASCAR I wouldn’t care. YESSS  - Race Hub is on. 
Tomorrow we will have to deal with the Verizon MiFi – hopefully I’ll just have to plug it in and it will be good to go.
First post for today is below this one. 

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