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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mazatlan History in Pictures

Another very foggy morning – hope the sun comes out later. We are surrounded by RVs again. A caravan from Quebec came in yesterday afternoon – at least 15 of them! So now we are surrounded by the sounds of French being spoken – and only French. They’re going to be here all week. Last night they had a big meeting with a sing along – right next to us. Maybe we’ll move up front where it is now quieter.
The horn/whistle has been installed and Bill is like a kid with a new toy. All the way into town yesterday he played with it. Will try to get a video with sound later.
Yesterday we went into the Centro Historico. Me with both my cameras (the old one is refusing to work from time to time.) and the book we bought about the history of MazatlanGrandeza Mazatleca.  I had marked a lot of the pictures that I either recognized the building or could figure out the location. Wanted to see and take pictures of them now. So that’s what this blog will be about. The first picture is of a “road” up on the hills across from where the divers dive. We’ve looked at it for years. Bill has always said it looked like it was an old road. I didn’t think so. Well he was right. Here is the old picture of it. Notice the old Fords and pedestrians on it. In the 1920s the first cars in Mazatlan were Fords so this was an area the Ford owners took their friends to impress them.
Here is what is left of it. The roadway has lost its guard rail. Such as it was. I wouldn't be leaning against it!
A closer look at it. Didn’t look safe then, really doesn’t look safe now. And it is completely blocked off at both ends now.
The next set of pictures are of an impressive old house that has been left to ruin. Some information about it.
In all its glory years ago.
Picture taken yesterday of the front entrance
The side of it.
How badly it is falling apart. What a shame. Can you imagine what it must have looked like inside.
This is a building we pass all the time. It is in the Plazuela Machado and the corner of it now houses the restaurant Pedro and Lola and Beach Burger where we eat all the time. The building at one time was the first movie house in Mazatlan.
Looking at it now.
This picture is a couple of blocks west of the Plazuela – the corner building was a bank – unfortunately it has been torn down. The building to its left is still there and the building across the street is still there.
The ugly new Bank of Mexico that is there now – the only good thing I can say about it is that there is a beautiful mural inside it. See the older building to its left.
And the building across the street. Luckily in the 1990's the city passed an ordinance that the old buildings cannot be torn down –
Here is a picture of the building where we had dinner Sunday evening. On the west end of the Plazuela Machado. It was built and owned by a pharmacist.
Here it is now. Got the angle a little wrong. The upstairs is open for tours – beautiful up there.
And a shot of the Plazuela Machado from long ago. Behind the kiosko is the Pedro and Lola building and behind it to the right is the building that is now a parking lot. Only the exterior of the building is standing – the interior where we always park when going to the Plazuela.
Now – the kiosko is different – rebuilt or replaced somewhere in time.
Hope you enjoyed the little trip back in time. I still have a bunch of pictures marked in the book that I want to check out. Saving for another day.
Spent the rest of the day knitting. Using another color for another square. Making one of each color for now. Each square gets a little better. Still need more practice casting on and off.
Barcelona won an important game yesterday and we forgot to watch! Shame on us. 
Off to today’s adventure – not sure what it will be yet. 


  1. Looks great, I love the comparison shots of then and now!

  2. It's so interesting to see the effects of time on structures and landscape. I have a "bathroom" book of Spokane Then and Now. It's even more fun when you recognize some of the "nows." My book is old enough, I can look at the "nows" and still seem more differences. Hold onto your "new" pictures so you can compare them over the next 15 or 20 years.

  3. Wow, That's a great information. I like it.