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Friday, March 1, 2013

Yarn and grocery shopping in Mazatlan

Let’s see what happened that was exciting yesterday. Ummmm….we got propane. And that’s about it. Oh, yes. All the parts for the Jeep have arrived and it should be all together sometime today.
I think I have the knitting part of knitting figured out. I discovered it goes much easier when there is soothing music playing in the background. I’m serious. Discovered a pattern for a small afghan that can be done using just knitting stitch. Make different colored squares and whip stitch them together. I think I can do that. Soooooo…
This morning we grabbed George and a taxi and went into downtown. I HAD to buy different colored yarn of course.
First though we stopped at Panama for breakfast. I love the way they display days specials using real food. Looks so good.
And their bakery goods – to die for.
Wanted to get some but didn’t want to drag them around with us to the yarn place and the Central Market. Should have gone back inside before we got back in the taxi.
The taxi that took us there also picked us up and brought us back here – we set a time to meet him and there he was. (I really wanted to ride in one of the red pick up trucks but we didn’t get too. – Probably would have been pretty cold.)
After eating we went to Parisina – the big yardage/craft store so I could pick up some yarn for my project. Got about five different colors – should be enough to keep me buys until we’re home. (I’ve run out of special thread for my beading projects so can’t finish the one I’m working on till I get home and can order more.)
Got to the Central market and stopped to talk to one of the ladies I buy my blouses from. Was hoping she got in some new ones but she hadn’t.
Bill and George
 But I have been looking at this dress every time we go in there. Nope didn’t get it – just admire it. All hand embroidered. So pretty.
You never know what you’ll find going on in the market. This guy was playing the xylophone. He would stay in one place for a while then pick it up and move to another area.
We picked up some groceries and a little magnet for me. Just wandered around until it was time to meet the taxi.
We did stop at the Jeep place on the way back to the RV and they said Willie should be ready sometime today. Hope so because we are supposed to go out to dinner to Fat Fish – the rib place tonight with John and Carol. They are on their way home to Idaho from Aticama and plan to spend the night here by us.
A new month already – time flies. Remember to back up your computers.

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