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Monday, March 18, 2013

Last Full Day in Mazatlan

7:30 and the fog has almost completely burned off and only six of the French Canadian coaches are still here, but I can hear their engines running. Wonder where they will spend tonight? There aren’t many RV parks big enough for 30 RVs.
Today we’ll spend some time cleaning things up and putting them away for our departure tomorrow morning. How do we collect so much stuff and where does all of the stuff we’ve drug out of it's traveling space go? I know everything had a place when we left home – it’s just remembering where.
First thing this morning we are having Jennie washed. There is so much bird poop on the roof and sand and dust every where else we have to weigh a lot more. She should feel much sleeker after cleaning and packing.
Yesterday morning we went to Malpica to pick up the tiles that were made the other day. And we got one for us too. The tiles are a little over ½ thick with the marble part almost 3/8 inch thick.
My tile.
Of course we went to the bakery to stock up for the long trip home (2500 miles.) Now I have to figure out where to put all of that stuff.
Also continued on up the road to visit with Antonio and his wife and pick up a few more carved wood faces. Some are smaller than two inches – so cute.
While I think of it here is a picture of the blouse I got at the Central Market – so pretty.

 All the embroidery is hand done.
Got home and stayed home during the afternoon. Angelica and Lorenzo came to visit us early evening. We will miss them and we are trying to talk them into coming to Indiana in October for the fall colors. We’ll see….
Then we decided to go out to the Plazuela Machado for one last night. We didn’t make it. Forgot it was a holiday weekend AND St. Patty’s Day – the traffic was horrible – about five miles an hour from here to the Malecón – on the Malecón it was standing still. So we turned around went to Soriana and did our shopping that we were going to do today and picked up a pizza for dinner.
Last night again there were fireworks on the beach across from us. Really pretty ones.
I kind of liked the way the NASCAR race turned out yesterday. Kyle #18 came in 2nd and his brother came in 4th. Not a bad day for either of them. At least Kyle is now in the top ten in points. Maybe next weekends race in California we’ll be able to watch.
We’re not sure how we’ll be going north yet. Two other RVs are leaving here tomorrow morning and we will probably caravan with them. But not sure if we’ll stay with them. Bill doesn't like to drive real fast on the toll road. From here to Navojoa where they are going to stop at a Pemex for the night is 350 miles. A long day. We might just stop at the Pemex or RV park in Los Moches.  Or maybe not. Or we might continue on to Huatabampito on the beach for a few days. Won’t know until we stop for the night. We do know for sure we want to be out of Mexico either before March 24th or not until after March 31. That is Easter week and everyone goes somewhere. 
Well need to get busy – first things first back up my laptop and put the external hard drive away someplace where it won’t get shook to pieces. Then start putting things away and cleaning out the refrigerator – still have some stuff we need to eat before the US border.
It’s 11:00 and all our work is done. Jennie has been cleaned inside and out. The people who wash it also vacuum inside. For 400 Pesos about US$32.00. We can even see out the front window now!
While they were doing that I was putting everything inside back where it belongs. And cleaning out the refrig and cupboards. I got everything cleaned up then picked up the coffee canister and the lid came off in my hand and of course the canister dropped - coffee grounds every where. GRRRRRR
Tonight we are going out with friends to Fat Fish – our last RIBS fix until ?????
We left home 145 days ago and still have a couple of weeks to a month before we get home.
Just noticed that we’ve almost used up all our gigabites from Banda Ancha stick. So we might run out and not be able to get on the Internet before we get to the states where I can reinstate our Verizon MiFi. Maybe the Pemex stations have WiFi. 
Tomorrow early we will be on the road. 


  1. I found it entertaining that an Irish holiday is traffic stopper in Mexico and that there's a very Scandinavian looking blonde on the car-detailing van. :) :) Sending you happy traveling wishes.

  2. We are dragging out our stay in Sedona. We have booked the weekend in another resort in Sedona and will it the road next Monday. We will play it by ear then and take our time going home.
    Safe Travels!
    Jackie and John