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Friday, March 8, 2013

Busy Day El Quelite, La Noria and Tequilla and Candy

Actually had a pretty sunrise the other day – very few of them this year.
This morning it was really foggy for a while. Sun is coming up now though – hope it’s a nice day.
We had a really busy day yesterday. I managed to get my tor soe into my tennis shoes for the day. Craig and Charity, George’s readers from Alaska, met us here in the RV park at 9:00 and we all headed out to El Quelite for breakfast at the beautiful restaurant there.
We made sure we were sitting under the big green umbrellas as we could see this guy up in the trees. He’s just a small fellow – couldn’t spot the big orange one up there.
While we were enjoying our breakfast this rooster kept pestering me. Squawking at me and grabbing chips right out of my hand. He’s telling me “GIVE. ME. ANOTHER. ONE! NOW!” any way that’s the feeling I got.
Saw the little green iguana again crawling along the wall. They are quick – barely got this picture.
After we finish our breakfast I walked back to the new patio room and took another picture of the painting on the wall. It sure is pretty.
When we were leaving George stopped to watch this cowboy put on a rope spinning demonstration in the street outside of the restaurant.
We left El Quelite and drove over to La Noria, the little town known for its leather crafts. Stopping first at our friend Roberto’s leather shop where Craig had a belt made. Then we crossed the street to the other leather shop that has been in operation since before the Mexican Revolution. In this little room were shoes hanging up to dry – they’d just been made – and some beautiful saddles waiting for their owners to pick them up.
From there we went to another shop where they also make shoes and saddles. Some shoes and leather rings drying out in the sun.
We asked what the leather rings were and were told they attached to this strip of leather which in turn was attached to the saddle. 
The horses tail was then passed through the ring. It keeps the saddle from slipping forward. WHAT?? Well I looked it up on the handy dandy Internet when we got home and the name for it in English is Crupper. Here’s a web site about cruppers. Link 
The worker rolling the leather to make one.
After the leather is rolled it is tied with another think piece of leather.
George inspecting a finished product.
I think I'd want to handle it before it went around the horses tail - not after. 
These are some of the forms marked with sizes that are used to cut the soles of the sandals made here.
The forms are put in this press and the soles cut.
Some of the soles – leather for the top and a plastic/rubber grooved type stuff for the bottom.
These are strips of leather used to make the upper part of the sandals.
Making a sandal – weaving the strips of leather.
I’ve taken lots of pictures of this process on previous trips to La Noria. Link to making shoes
After leaving La Noria we stopped at the tequila distillery. Nothing was going on there yesterday but we managed to catch up with a tour so got all the information bout making tequila. I’ve written about that a lot too. Just use the search feature to find lots of pictures and videos. In fact here is one video of mashing the bulb to get the liquid.
Then of course we had to stop at the candy factory in Puerta de Canoas. Bought some more jamoncillo candies to take home with us. The town is where we saw the dancing horses a couple of weeks ago. 
Had a busy day - dropped everyone off at their respective living quarters and went to the market then home. I was ready to sit down with my foot up for a while for sure.
Sad day today - George has left us - he is heading south again and is looking forward to new adventures. We will miss him. 

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