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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quiet day at home yesterday - Mazatlan

Stayed home and off my foot/toe yesterday. Because I am favoring the toe my instep where I broke the foot a few years ago is hurting. Old bones have long memories of abuse. I guess the heat wave “they” were predicting is not coming. Not having to use the AC at all and Bill turned on his side of the electric blanket last night.
Paid for another week here in Las Jaibas. Will for sure be leaving a week from today. That’s giving us a late start heading home. We usually try to be home by the end of March – looks like it will be probably be April before we get there. Unless we get that “horse heading to the barn” syndrome. Either way it’s a long trip home – about 2500 miles.  
Read a really interesting book from the library the other day called An Available Man by Hilma Wolitzer. About a man’s life after he becomes a widower – very uplifting and often funny. Now I’m back to old standby – John Sanford’s Prey books. Starting from the beginning. Again downloading them on to my Nook from our home town library.
About the pictures I took Sunday night. I was using my old camera – pictures were taken without a flash using the High Sensitivity [shoot without flash in low light reducing blur]  setting on it. The camera is several years and many thousands of pictures old. Good thing I have that setting as now the flash doesn’t work either. It is a Sony CyberShot. I think when we get home I want to get another one like it. I really really do not like the newer camera it is too big, heavy and conspicuous – doesn’t have a macro setting or a low light setting. The new one is a FujiFilm. It does take neat panoramic shots though.
Bill is going to have a special horn? whistle? Installed in the Jeep so we are waiting for the guy to come and do it. Will explain it more when I hear it.
Spent some time knitting yesterday – finding it more enjoyable. I even end up a square with the same number of stitches I started out with now. Instead of more or less. And found the yarn on line – so when we get home I can order the color I need. It is made in the US.
Need to get out of here and do something today – getting cabin fever and every day the room in here seems to be getting smaller and smaller. 140 days on the road today. Found some neat old pictures in a book about the history of Mazatlan. I’d like to see if the buildings are still standing or what replaced them. Got to remember to put the GPS in the car so we can find the right streets.
Thanks for the mention of the spam in the comments section. I really hadn’t noticed it. Hope I got them all deleted – if it keeps up I’ll have to made some changes to the comment area I guess. Why do people do that? Get a life!

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  1. Glad to say we are having great weather here in Cottonwood. Mid 70s. So surprised you are getting such cold weather.