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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Huatabampito - half a blog

Don’t know if I’ll have time to write and post this or not. Was going to write it last night but got interested in a book and poof – it was late.
It is warmer here in Huatabampito at night than it was in Mazatlan. And we are further north. Strange – and it is still darn cold at home….
The wind is blowing here on the beach; I can see the sand shifting. Hope inland it isn’t blowing. If we get as far as Hermosillo today it will be our last night in Mexico for this winter. We’ll see.
Yesterday we had a relaxing but busy day. Checking out all the places we’ve been around here before. And of course Bill feeding the birds and going into town to Leys grocery to buy tortillas for the birds! Three other RVs came in yesterday afternoon – probably just to spend a night or two ‘cause Easter week starts soon and the beaches get crazy.
First yesterday – well after feeding the gulls all the cookies we brought from Mazatlan – we took a ride to the river that is east of the beach. It is so peaceful over there and so different from the beach. Some of the birds picking out brunch.
This guy was doing pretty good – saw him catch a couple of little fish.
There’s something to eat – guess I have to get my feet wet to get it.
Got it.
And way across the river was this spoonbill – could not get a good picture of it.
Then we went to Yavaros but will have to post that tonight. We’ve been there every time we come here watching them clean up all the old sinking boats in the harbor. Heres one link to the salvage operation. Also the blog before and after this link. They have done quite a bit of work there.
Have to stop and get ready to go. Be back later with rest of yesterday.

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  1. Loved the texture in your "rusty boats" pictures. Interesting contrast to the blue sky and water. I am missing Mexico very much and already plotting the next trip in my head. Craig is talking about a motorcycle trip around the Baja. That might be a little more adventure than I'm up to....