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Friday, March 22, 2013

Don't Drink the Water - Not in Mexico but in Indiana

I wrote this last night so all I had to do was post this morning so we can get an early start for the USofA.
Oh good I found the pictures I thought I’d erased of the birds. Here they are following Bill as he walked down the beach.
The wind was blowing so hard the birds seemed to stand still in the air.
Even his shadow was still.
An of course a couple sunset pictures from Huatabampito.

Last sunset from Huatabampito – listen to the sound too. The waves and the birds.

This morning the birds were waiting out front when I opened up the front curtain. Where’s Bill and our cookies?
Their last meal – we left right after this.
I’ve already told about the trip to Hermosillo. Very uneventful. Once here and settled in we went out to lunch then spent the rest of the day vegging out. Yes watching TV. A couple of good soccer games were on. Tomorrow night is a race and a soccer game. Which will we watch?
We’ll leave here around 7:00 and should get to the border around noon sometime. Then on to Amado, AZ for a few days. Gathered up all our paper work and put it right where I will be able to find it tomorrow. Both for Mexican officials and US Border crossing. Also dug out our US money.  We still have about 3000 Pesos left but gas tomorrow and tolls should use most of it up. The rest we’ll save for next year.
I was checking out home town news and found this article in Tuesday’s Brown County paper. Gotta love living in the country.
 “Water customers may have noticed some recent discoloration in their water. The water has been tested and though it is not appealing to the eye the water is completely safe to consume.”  What???
“When the water is discolored it is recommended to not wash laundry, especially light colored clothes.”  Can’t wash clothes in it but we can drink it?
“The discolored water is caused from naturally occurring iron in the water supply. Personnel are working hard to flush the system to remove the discolored water as soon as possible.”
I should hope so. Hopefully before we get home. 
Next post from Arizona.

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