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Friday, March 15, 2013

Busy! Fun! Productive Day

The weather is warming up here finally – didn’t have to have the heater on at all last night and it isn’t foggy this morning. We have had and are having some busy days now – Becoming very social people…..not like us usually. First George was here, then John and Carol, and Craig and Charity from Alaska and the couple we met for breakfast John and Jackie from Toronto. So we were out and about a lot. Now we are dragging around another couple from Oregon that are staying here in the RV park. We took them to Malpica to the bakery and to Concordia yesterday – this morning they are going with us to La Noria to take Roberto a copy of the newspaper the picture of his leather shop was in. And tonight we’ll be going out to dinner with Angelica and Lorenzo. My gosh we haven’t done that much socializing in years. Kind of fun. Love showing people the little towns around here.
Before I forget want to post a picture of a word. A BIG word – saw it on a sign and loved it. I cannot say it though I’ve tried. Even Bill has trouble getting it all out. Loosely translated it means waterproofing. Impermeabilizaciones. My tongue ties in knots trying to say it.
Yesterday afternoon we had to go to the center of town to pick up Bill’s glasses with the new lenses in them. Cost about US$45 for the new lenses put in his old and well loved frames. And he left off a pair of sunglasses to get the lenses changed in them. Good choice as the lenses are a weird rose color – they will be changed for free.
While we were walking around town I spotted another old building in the book. Here’s info about it.
The picture from the book
And how it looks today. I like the colors on it now.
In the morning we picked up our fellow travelers and headed out to Malpica to go to the bakery. They’d never been there. Needless to say between us we almost bought the bakery out. We always pick up extra to give to friends. And we are going to freeze some rolls to bring home. I’ve written about the bakery and taken multitudes of pictures of it. Just put Malpica in the search box.
After leaving the bakery we walked across the street towards the church but stopped on our way to watch the mural being repainted/touched up. 
He made it look easy. He’d scraped off the chipping and peeling plaster and paint and put up a white base coat. He is using regular acrylic house paint. 
And appeared to be doing it free hand, I didn’t see any pattern he was following.
Our friend is an artist – in watercolors mainly – and she really enjoyed talking to him and watching him.
This side of the building has been partly restored with one small part on the right end left to do.
We stopped by the tile maker’s to see if he was working. He was and our friend was very interested in purchasing a couple of tiles so he demonstrated step by step how they are made.  I am going to make a separate blog on that later today. As we are getting ready to leave soon.
After Malpica we stopped at our friend Antonio’s home/shop. He was out back working on his wood carvings. He had picked out this piece to carve. You can almost envision the face in the wood if you look closely.
Antonio showing us some of the pieces he had finished since we were here last.
He uses the machete to flatten out the back of the piece so it will hang straight on a wall.
The machete and one of his finished pieces.
He uses pine root and it always smells so good when he is working.
From Antonio’s we went to visit the hot springs that have been turned into a big outdoor laundry room. This teenage boy was using the tubs as a bathtub. After soaping and rinsing he ended up in the tub.
While we were there a produce truck came by – tasting platanos.
A little visitor.
From there we went to Concordia to check out the murals and of course have some home made ice cream. And I forgot to take pictures. Back to town – glad to get out of the 90 degree weather – and lunch at Torres on the beach. Busy and fun day. 
And off for another busy day - 


  1. You might as well stay and set up business as tourist guides! Glad you are meeting so many fun people.

  2. I ordered you a little something from a potter friend of mine, Carol. Had it sent to your studio, but asked her to hold off mailing it till the middle of April to give you time to get home. It's just a little thank you for your kindness to us while there. Sounds like you have been crazy busy. You're going to need a vacation to recover from vacation. :)

  3. You guys are what the world revolves around!

    Love your posts...