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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More vehicle woes

It is cold this morning. Not US cold but Mazatlan cold.  John and Carol are getting ready to leave soon. 
Ms Tioga - John's train - Jennie
The welder arrived right on time yesterday morning and got right to work on John’s hitch. Took him about three hours and he seems to have done a very good job. 
George did a good job of documenting the repairs with his camera – they appear on his blog of Monday. 
Breakfast at the beach front restaurant yesterday morning was very nice. We met for the first time a couple from Toronto who started reading this blog and realized we were right across the street from each other. Enjoyed having breakfast with them and hope to keep in touch and maybe meet up again.
However – I did not enjoy the short walk across the street. The toe is ugly today. Feels best when I am barefoot. First tried putting on tennis shoes – nope that was not going to work. Then tried sandals – somewhat better. Finally wrapped all the toes together with a strip of Ace bandage and put on the sandal. Felt okay until we were half way there – the funny thing is the knee on the other leg started to hurt from the way I was walking.
On the way home I took my shoes off while walking on the sidewalk and street but had to put them back on once in the RV park on the gravel. How come I always manage to screw up my toes or feet when we are just getting ready to go on vacation or when we are on vacation? Just before we left in the Alfa for a month and a half trip to Baja several years ago I fell and sprained my ankle and broke my foot. The first half of the trip I looked like I had a football with five sausages stuck to it at the end of my leg. Time will heal it.
Last night to celebrate the repair to the hitch we all went out to dinner at Fat Fish for RIBS. – They are sooooo good. [Actually I’m ribbed out so I had a BLT] The cook and waiter at Fat Fish.
Then we went to pick up Willie – supposed to be ready for pick up at 6:00 – so of course we didn’t call to make sure – just jumped in a Pulmonia and went to the dealers. So this year we got to ride in a Pulmonia and a red pick up taxi - 
Ha – the jeep was out on a test drive – a problem showed up – WHY DIDN’T THEY TEST IT SOONER?  Any way – maybe this afternoon. Or maybe we’ll be here until summer who knows.
Oh Crap! We just got a call from John – he only made it about 20 miles out of town to the first toll booth and another crack in the hitch appeared. So he is on his way back here.
He had gone through the toll booth and paid then got out to check. Saw the problem so he has to come back through the toll booth and had to pay again! Not going to be a happy camper. Bill got a hold of the welder and he will be here in an hour. Hope John is here by then. 


  1. We are leaving at noon today and hope to keep in touch as we really enjoying meeting you both.

  2. P.S. have you ever used the small grocery store at Torres, it is a little pricey but carries most staples and some vegetables if you are stuck.