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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discovered a Bakery in Mazatlan

Yesterday we started off the morning by going to the restaurant on the beach. The fog that blanketed the campground in the early morning was still hovering close to shore. We could hear birds out on the water but could not see them.
From there we went to the opening day of a new department store. It is the anchor store for the new mall that is being built out here in Nueva Mazatlan. It is a Mexican chain there are 94 of them in Mexico called Liverpool. The parking lot was full when we got there.
Inside it is beautiful and pretty upscale. Saw clothing of course, guitars, exercise equipment, electronics – everything you’d need. We didn’t go up to the second floor.
There were reporters and camera men everywhere.
We almost got caught up in a swarm of them – over 100 following the store spokesman as he toured the store.
From there we went to the Centro Historico and the Central Market – talk about night and day.
Here is Bill talking to the parking lot attendant – the man who found Bill’s picture in the paper. They even had saved another whole paper for us in case we didn’t find one the other day. Such great people.
We also stopped at the optometrist so Bill could get new lenses for his everyday glasses – his have a couple of annoying scratches on them. We’ll pick them up later today or tomorrow.
The walk to the market and back pretty much did my foot in. So we got back in the car to look for a bakery I’d read about – Molika Bakery. It is located in one of the pretty older buildings in the old district. We could smell it before we found it! In fact I didn’t realize it was in this building when I took the picture. It’s on the far left where the small sign is.
Inside – it stretches through to the other street – the back part is a restaurant but it was already closed for the day.
Bet it was a pretty place when it was new over 100 years ago.
The foccacia bread is what we could smell. It just came out of the oven.
Cutting Bill a couple of pieces – Bill also got the edges – Two big pieces and the edges for 20 pesos US$1.50.
Spent the rest of the day at home - well except for going out to Burger King for supper.
By the time we got home the fog was back in force. At least it kept the temperatures higher then they've been.
Today we are going to Malpica to that little bakery – probably for the last time this year as we leave in five days.
Counted them yesterday – there are 27 RVs in the Canadian caravan. Only three empty spaces here in the back section of Las Jaibas and they will be here until Monday. 

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  1. The edges are my favorite part!! :) Go, Bill!

    Enjoyed today's entry very much. I am shocked at how much I am missing Mexico. I think Craig and I both fell pretty hard for the lifestyle, people and culture.

    It is 13 degrees here with a 30 mph wind. I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to how fun that is. :)