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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wonderful night at Plazuela Machado and broken toe

Never did get the Jeep yesterday supposed to be for sure by noon Monday. Will believe it when he gets here.
Well crap! I just went to open the door for John and caught my little toe on the leg of the recliner. It’s not supposed to stick out at a right angle is it? Doesn’t hurt but am sure it will. Have it taped to the next toe – about all I can do for it.
Back to yesterday. We decided to go out to the Plazuela Machado for dinner last night. All five of us. John’s truck is too big to take to that area – well he didn’t want to drive it there and neither did Bill. So we thought we’d take a cab. Oops five of us and a driver won’t fit comfortably in a cab. Nor in a pulmonia so we HAD to take one of the red pick up truck taxies – yes! I’ve wanted to do that every time we’ve been here. All we had to do was walk out in front of the RV park and catch the first one that came by. Here it is.
Bill rode up front with the driver and Carol, John, George and I rode in the back on these narrow benches.
Here’s George looking at the people in the car behind us looking at us.
Had to take one coming home too. Luckily the evening was a lot warmer than they have been lately. It was actually fun.  
The plaza was really busy last night lots going on all around. Several of the restaurants had musicians playing and lots of vendors and people eating and walking around.
We ate at Beach Burger – haven’t been there for a while. Carol and George had good hamburgers, John a huge burrito thingy, Bill an Italian Chicken Salad and I had my old standby Quesadilla.
While we were eating a band was setting up in the gazebo – they started to play just about the time we finished eating. But one nice thing about eating there is you can sit at the table long after you finish your main meal. No one rushes you off.
Across the plaza from us we could see a burst of flame every once in a while. Carol finally got curious enough to go check it out. It was a man creating paintings using spray cans. Then he would set the picture with a flame from a blow torch! The painter was an older man kneeling on a pillow. He was dressed in suit pants, a white long sleeved shirt and a tie! And his pictures were incredible. Here is a butterfly he did – the picture doesn’t do it justice.
I took a series of pictures as he was painting a picture for ME! Bill requested it. He got to choose the picture he wanted from a whole stack of photographs and this one reminded Bill of some of the sunsets we’ve seen here in Mexico. It took him about 20 minutes to paint one picture and he was selling them for 100 pesos about US$8. Some of the more complicated ones he charged 200 pesos for.
Any way…here he is with his set up.
Putting on the bottom colors using a piece of cardboard to keep this color from getting on the upper part of the picture.
Using a piece of sponge to paint in some details.
He made the rays of the sun by putting the spray can nozzle down on the paper then gently tapping it and turning it and tapping it again. In this picture he was using a piece of cardboard dipped in paint to add detail to the painting.
He has added the rock and palm trees to the painting.
Setting and drying the paint.
A not so good photograph of the finished painting. I love it. I'll try to get a better picture of it later.
I took some movies of him painting but I took them with the cell phone and am having problems getting them into a format that I can use. Will post them later if I can upload them. [Right now I can’t fool with UTube ‘cause I’m trying to keep up with the NASCAR race on line and the connection is squirrely.]
All the time we were watching the man paint the band in the gazebo was playing and several people were dancing to the music.
A while later we heard drum beats and had to go check them out. A group of young people were playing drums and a xylophone and a couple of them were dancing with fire batons. They were pretty darn good. Took movies of that too but….
You never know what you’ll see or hear when dining out in the Plazuela Machado.
A good time was had by all. 
This morning Bill, George and I again went over to Torres – the restaurant on the beach for breakfast. On Sunday mornings they have a saxophone player. So we again enjoyed our meal to the sound of music while watching the waves break over the sand. The birds have been thwarted in their sugar steeling. Now if a table is not occupied the sugar container is covered with a small plate. And if they head for an occupied table a waiter chases them off.
Don’t know what we’ll do the rest of the day – it is an absolutely beautiful day out. Warm and not windy = perfect for parasailing and we can’t get to the beach without a car. I wonder if I'd be able to run on the sand to get up in the air with my toe sticking out sideways?


  1. We watched the painter last night as well!

  2. And I lay by the pool listening to the sax player this morning!