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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lost in the Mountains

Finally something to write about. Had fun today.
We finally got up off our duffs yesterday evening and went to McDonalds for dinner. A rather upscale looking MickeyDs. Very southwest decoration and a fire place in the eating area. 
And I see the prices have gone up since last we ate in one in the States.
After we got home we talked about where we’ll be going when we leave here Friday. We’ve decided to go to the 1000 Trails campground near Cottonwood, AZ – between Phoenix and Flagstaff. We pay our membership every year so we might as well use a week while we’re close to one of the campgrounds. Besides it is so pretty in that area. Love Sedona and all the Indian ruins around there and the 4 x 4 trails. Checked the weather and supposedly it won’t be going below freezing at night any more. I hope.
Today we had to get out of Jennie for a while. So we went to Denny’s for breakfast then I asked Gertrude the GPS to find Saguaro National Park. Thought we’d go there and then to Old Tucson. I had a vague idea of how to go … but … we followed the GPS. Should have known better as it didn't look like the way I thought we were supposed to go. Up towards the mountains we went on a decent two lane road - then the ride got very interesting. The pavement got worse AND there were topes! – speed bumps.
Then the pavement stopped and we were on gravel. But we were getting into the Saguaro area. 
But the scenery was beautiful. I love the desert here in Arizona so many plants and the rugged mountains.
Oops now we were on a narrow dirt road that said "Dead End 1/2 mile." Bill looked at me with that "Now what?" look. 
The GPS says the road keeps going to the park but it does say "Off Road." So maybe we're okay. Then the road got narrower. Hummmm? But isn't the scenery beautiful! Keep going. 
Finally the road dead ended in someone's driveway - no way to go further. 
The GPS showed the road continuing to the park. I don’t think so. It did say “Off Road” though.  And the huge and beautiful homes we went by – wow! Thinking back I’m surprised we weren’t stopped by private security out there.
Some more of the beauty of the desert. Bright yellow flowers, rocks, cactus and dead wood. Nature is wonderful. 
After getting back on a main road we took Gates Pass Road over the mountains. Some pictures from there. 
Here the majestic Saguaros march all the way up the mountain. 
So many different kinds of plants in one area. 
And the views - love the desert - it is soothing to the soul. Mine anyway. 
We then headed towards Old Tucson which I’ll write about later. Fun and interesting - all I ever wanted to know about Chuck Wagons. 

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