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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back in the USofA - Amado, AZ

We are back in the USofA in Amado, AZ at Mountain View RV Park. Got here a little after noon. We left Hermosillo at 7:15 and did 191 miles. The road wasn’t quite as expensive as yesterday – but still three toll booths to go through. Lots of construction on this portion of the road – and lots of rough pavement and topes. They need to be spending that toll money. Not a happy day for the driver. Also some wind – especially once we were in Arizona.
We got stopped at a Northbound Military check point and got to be one of the lucky ones that got x-rayed. This was new since last time we went through here. The check point is quite efficient. The big semi trucks go in one lane.
Lots and lots of trucks.
As we got closer to the actual check point the busses were separated in still another lane and the rest of us cars, rvs and small trucks in a third line. The Semi line moves VERRRY slow, the bus line a little quicker. Our line moved quickly then came to a dead stop for awhile – then moved quickly again to come to a dead stop again. As we moved forward we discovered why. About eight to ten cars (depending on their length) were waved forward to a specified point. When all the cars were lined up very close together and stopped a soldier came by each car and told us to exit the car and wait on the center island. Okay. As we all waited an x-ray truck drove up one side of the line of stopped cars and then back down the other side of the cars. No one entered the vehicles. When the truck pulled back behind the line of cars and stopped  we were motioned to get back in our vehicles but not to drive away. We surmise the x-rays were being analyzed. As we waited the cars just coming up to the checkpoint were waved straight through – no stopping for them. As we were started up and left – guess nothing showed up any where – the next cars to the check point were directed to the x-ray area. Just luck of the draw. The whole time at the check point was only 20 minutes from slowing down at the check point to pulling away. Every year things get more and more sophisticated.
We were getting closer to the border.
And the lanes separated again. Trucks to the right and cars to the left – this was a weird feeling we were to the left of what looked like a center divider. With on coming traffic to the left of a double yellow line. Just kind of gave me an uneasy feeling.
The US border was another experience. As you come up to it there are about six or seven lanes. There was one small sign saying – “Buses left lane.” I thought Hummm? Was that a wider lane? By then we had pulled behind an SUV in the far right lane.
A border guard came out looked us over and asked if we thought we could make it through the inspection lane. [Gee that's what we were just discussing!] He didn’t think we would. So suggested we go to the far left lane where the bus was. Good advice but the problem was we can’t back up with the Jeep - and other cars - behind us. So the on coming traffic in all lanes had to be stopped, we had to wait for all the front cars in all the lines to move up so we could turn to the left and make a wide swing around to get in the left lane. Us going sideways across all the lines.
I imagine there were some disgruntled drivers waiting for us to get out of the way. Sorry.
The border guards were quiet helpful. Well except for one who I heard muttering, "Well if he thinks he can make it let him go he can pay for all the damage he causes." That wasn't a nice attitude. Lesson learned – look for bus lanes.  Maybe they could change their sign to read “Bus & RVs left lane.”
Only there a few minutes – of course they came in and asked about fruit and meat. We’ve learned to use up what we can’t bring back. BUT – I forgot about plants and they confiscated my little bamboo plant that was right out in plain sight. Completely forgot about it. And we’ve taken it with us down and back across the border with us for the last couple of years.
So we’re here in Amado for at least a couple of days. It is snowing again in Indiana! After setting up and getting TV working we went to eat lunch and go to the market to replace everything we ate up.
I had to call Verizon Tech support to get the MiFi working and found out it was still on vacation suspension – so now it is activated and up and running.  HooYah!
This year we spent 140 days in Mexico. Four and a half months. We’re both ready to be home. I miss the food here in the US the most - We went to Dennys - and both had very good sandwiches with non soggy french fries. And the catsup here is so much better than the castup made for Mexico. Just little things. And delicious ice tea.Then to WalMart to get a few things we needed - like a new white hose for our water supply. And Bill's allergy pills - the ones we got in Mexico didn't work as well. And a bunch of produce that we needed.
After we got back to the RV we realilzed we'd forgotten other stuff so will have to make another trip. Like - fuel additive, books and
a replacement for his traveling cup - the kind that plugs into the lighter and keeps the liquid warm. His quit working.
The weather here is perfect. Warm but not hot and the wind has let up. I may have to amend that - it was very cold here this a.m. when I woke up - have the furnace running full blast and sweats on!
Watched a good soccer game yesterday afternoon - Argentina and Venezuela - Argentina won 3 - 1  Also watched the NASCAR qualifying. Today and tomorrow are races.  

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